Paid entrance to temple for tourists

Some time back, I shot this on the door of a temple in Grand Bay. I finally decided to bring it on the blog and hear what you think about this.

Just a small note : During my visit to India years back, it was pretty the same thing there too. Tourists need to pay while visiting temples or local sites whereas the population paid little or no money(where applicable).

Same applies to Mauritius too, for example : The Mauritian will pay an entry fee for Pamplemousses garden at about 5-10 times less than a tourist.

So, should tourists pay to visit a temple in Mauritius (for whatever reason) ?

22 thoughts on “Paid entrance to temple for tourists

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  1. Note: AFAIK All mosques are free for tourists to visit (it’s either legal to visit to check out or illegal to go inside.)

    IMO, donations are alright but mandatory fees aren’t.


  2. That’s horrible…Another name of the Lord is Jagatnatha meaning lord of universe,Lord is for everyone..At times people or these so called religious bodies think lord is for themselves only,they forget the lord is for everyone..
    But from another point of view the money will be used for a good cause so giving don’t matters..


  3. I thought these things happen only in India. For Garden n other places it’s acceptable..but for temples……


  4. If Temples do not possess sufficient fund to do maintenance, having a revenue from Tourists is not a bad option. After all the tourists will have a visit at a rate of Euro 1, which is nothing for him/her.

    However they should be made to follow the rules of visiting a temple: removing shoes, no smoking/ drinking, respecting the silence of the place etc…


  5. Yashvin.. you made a mistake man..
    you said that this piece of paper was found at the door of a temple..

    Mate this was found at the door of a building, (you cannot consider that as a temple!!) you should have said museum instead!

    you can’t force an entrance fee to any religious building..Shame on those who decided to go for this solution.

    Remove the shoes, keep quiet and respect the place, i agree with that, but up to the point on forcing an entrance fee doesn’t make sense..

    Access to any temple should be free.. they can ask for donations but people should not be force to pay.. apres sa ki pou ena? pou coummence ena bouncers tou???


  6. “Welcome to Mauritius”.
    There’s not this text at the entrance of the temple of my locality.

    “for the maintenance of this wonderful temple”
    so there is no problem as long as its not lucrative.

    Thanks for this very informative note.

    “nice VISIT and a nice HOLIDAY”
    …hmmm.. No, i don’t see any inappropriate wordings here.

    Conclusion: This might be the coolest temple of Mauritius.


  7. ahh temple grand baie.. apparement laba, banla pa vraiment affiliE ar mttf sa mo tann dir, et monn get dans cavadee kuma zot fer… c’est plutot ‘shows’ and money laba.

    Enfin, 1 de bann lendroit ki so management kovil vraiment pas bon sa.



  8. well i think it depends for example the Pagoda at Les Salines which s da oldest one in the indian ocean(if am not wrong), should be paid!
    n i guess for other temples and all tourist should pay a reasonable amount that will help to maintain the temples…thats fair enough!
    N + most of these tourist dont go to pray in these temples they go to visit, so for visit you pay!


  9. Bein zour tourisst arett vinn dans pays-la, ki pou arriver? Maintenance pou aretter? Lerla? Dévots prier dans saleté?

    Eh ou-la! Sa-mem ki apelle “tuer la poule aux oeufs d’or” ça!

    Enn lott koté, mo cwar samem pou gate reputation Morisst-ça: taxi overcharge tourisst, marsan ambilant overcharge zott, marsan bazar pareil, magazin pseudo-duty-free pareil mem, partout prix special-tourisst mem abé ça zott pou dire Mauriciens bann pezerr-licou!
    In the long term, situation loose-loose mem.

    A-moins ki mett enn la-loi pou bann public places of worship. Si ena pou payer, fauder li vinn enn organisation privée/commerciale couma Discothèque, Jardin etc…

    Quand mo rapel mo mama ti dire moi quand mo ti tipti ki bondié so la-porte zamé fermer. Asterr dans Morisst, lakaz bondié ouvert ziss pou Dodolandais. Li ouvert contre paiement pou saki ena malerr inn né en dehors.

    Question compliquée: mo ena enn tonton ki’nn établi la-fransst, et li vinn passt vacansst dans Morisst sak l’année avec so madame française. Touldé ena passport mauricien, mais techniquement, zott bann touriste. Eski li bizin payé? Eski so madam bizin payé?

    Question bonus:
    eski enn travailleur expatrié bizin payer? Couma pou différencier entre enn expatrié, enn mauricien ki’nn établi déhors ki pe faire enn tour en vacances dans Dodoland, ek enn touriste saisonnier?


  10. It does make sense, tourists need to pay everywhere they go. Thats what we call the tourism industry. Its an industry and involves $$$$ so y not temples???


  11. i personally think that this is wrong..i mean ti cav expliquer ki biZin fr donation pou ffr maintainance mais pas bizin fr li obligatoir pou payer..1 temple li pou tou dimoune sa , peu import sili riche pauvre, morisien ou etranzer. si dimoune etranzer la trouver li cav met 1 ti cash dans lamok la, li meter ( mo penser la plupart pou met 1 ti la monnaie)..
    en passant vous autres, maintainance?? ki maintainance ena pou fr laba? apart taille imper lherbe , paye 1 dimoune pou brosse sali…paye 1 tiper delo et courant ( zot pas deja ggn 1 ti exemption dpi ceb et cwa on social and benevolent grounds? )…pou nettoyer la bane volotaire mem fr sa..donc questionne zot kifer temple p rod donation r tourist??
    mo done zot 1 element de reponse : zot pas in remarker ki bcp temple ou association fr ban pretres vini dpi linde pou soit disant fr lapriere la ici ( couma dire pretre morisien pas conne fr la priere ou bondier la comprend zis hindi ?) ban prete la pas ggn enba rs 10 K par mois sa siouplais..essay gueter..ena 1 tas in fini aster loto p rouler dan moris ….this is my observation. have anybody witnessed this also??


  12. wat the hell..r u serious? im shocked..n disgusted..personally i dont c why ANYONE shud hv to pay to enter a holy place..i accept the practice for recreational n entertainment God is one..only the way we pray differs..i wonder if the authorities of those temples pray a fee to God in turn…


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