Véhicules automatiques acceptés aux tests de conduite

Voila une nouvelle qui devra ravir les aspirants chauffeurs 😛 (Cliquer sur l’image pour agrandir)

Cet article a été publié dans l’édition de ce matin du journal “Weekend”.

Mais cependant, je pense que ça va changer pas mal de choses, par exemple l’introduction des voitures automatiques pour les auto écoles et aussi une augmentation du nombre des véhicules sur nos routes car beaucoup plus de personnes auront la possibilité d’avoir un permis de conduire.

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  1. That’s outdated info there @VIveck

    New kinds of Automatics (CVT) actually use less than even a 6-speed manual. That’s the reason why they are used in hybrid cars. Google it! You can also check the official quotes from manufacturers. The CVT Vitz uses less fuel than the manual version… but they don’t sell it in Mauritius! My personal experience also confirms it.


  2. Dakor nett ar Bhoot: mo roule 13km/L l’essence avec enn Yaris sedan 1.3L manuel 5 vitesses, mais mo larmé éna mem zaffer en version reconditioned (Belta 1.3L) mais avec enn boite vitesse automatique 4 vitesses, li faire 15km/L!!
    Bez, sa! Bann l’idée-reçue couma VIveck éna pou mort bien bien vite avec sa kalité constat-la. Technologie pe avance mari vite asterr…

    Back to the subject: proportion failure avec boite automatique c’est, mo kwar en mon humble opinion, lakoz enn “false sense of security” ki li donne enn dimoune ki p’enkor develop confidence lors volant. Dimoune ki trop focus lors ça mythe ki appel “balance lor la-montée” inn reste dans frayeur mem, et zott pann realiser ki tout obstacle mental surmontable: it just demands some work on yourself to build the confidence and “recul” to see things in their right perspective. C’est pour ça ki mo ti pou conseil bann auto-école to stick to manual gearboxes if they want to produce prudent and confident drivers.

    Yashvin, in one year’s time, would it be possible to get some stats on accidents caused by/from automatic gearboxes against manual ones? We just need to be sure we’re not biased against automatic gearboxes… 🙂


  3. Personally I recommend everyone to have at least 6 months of driving experience before going on your first driving test. If you’re not ready, postpone it, don’t go and try your luck. I drove regularly for over 8 months before going to my driving test. I got it the first time! BTW, Belta has CVT (unlimited gears) not 4AT.

    I remember during the briefing, the inspector said that the most important factor that they will consider is your ability to drive SAFELY (for yourself and other people).

    So the moment you show something risky, you lose marks in the test, irrespective of manual or automatic. May be they expect more attention given that you have less things to do in automatic (I often used to drive with 1 leg crossed and a bread in my left hand in traffic jams :P)…


  4. Automatic is safer simply because it helps you to CONCENTRATE better and it is more comfortable compared to manual, No doubt. For more sporty Feel, Manual is the choice. 😀 You choose.


  5. my brother passed his parking in manual transmission but failed on road test and that for the 3rd time but now he has his new road test but fears the manual transmission so he wanted to know whether he can drive an automatic transmission car for his next test drive because my father bought him an automatic car…. so guys is it possible that he does his road test in automatic transmission, will it be possible?


      1. even the parking? basically next week is his driving test… cant it be possible to make it with the automatic or would it take 3 months again?


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