DCDM Consulting @ Domaine des 7 Vallées

As usual, we had a fun day for the team building event held at Domaines des 7 Vallées, located just along the side of Mare Aux Vacoas reservoir.

The mission

Build a “cabane” (hut) with  materials collected through our journey in the domaine. The materials were hidden here and there and to obtain some of them, we had to go through some activities (sometimes tough)

The strategy of Lekip Malin

We formed groups of 8-10 people upon our arrival.
In my team, the “Lekip Malin” : Aum, Bernard, Varsha, Pravesh, Kamal, Cedric, Bhanu, Aparna, Dhaneesha and myself. We agreed to split the team so that we could carry out different activities at the same time and we would collect the items on our way back to the starting point.

Some of the activities :

The construction site

Once all the materials were gathered, all the teams started to build their huts, keeping in mind that the huts need to be original and (quite) strong among others.

So, here are workers 😛

A funny incident :

Tribute to my shoes

Before going any further, *1 minute silence please*.

I walked bare foot (one side) for about one hour before the other side let me down too.

Rest in Peace, I will always remember the times we spent, during those numerous outings in the nature, mountains and also during university life. We have been so close together…

The special hut of Lekip Malin

And you know what?

We were awarded the first place with our hut LOL!

Compared to others, ours was quite solid and was still standing firm when we left the domaine about 3 hours later. Loads of the huts made by my colleagues fell down meanwhile 🙂

And we were original, specially with the shoe on the top, the “la corde linze” and our horn at our door 😉

The rewards

Lekip Malin won the first price : 30mins on a dual quad bike. The second price was also the same as first one while the third team won a bottle of rhum (rum aranzer). But finally, most of the staff present there had the opportunity to ride the quad for 30minutes.

As usual, some pics :

It was absolutely, terribly terrifically awesome!
A refaire!

So, here ends our day at Domaine des Sept Vallées… Vivement le prochain!

9 thoughts on “DCDM Consulting @ Domaine des 7 Vallées

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  1. hmm great .. u ever heard about Vallee de Ferney .. how it is there .. would be at my 2nd PAPM outing with them there 😀 …. ze trouve le soulier zorizinal 😛


  2. Ah that reminds me of things in the past like damp clothes, rain, worn boots, maps and compass, sore feet and miles to walk with a longing for a bar and drinks. Don’t you just love nature and team work….


  3. @ Yashvin : pou ki t pren moi ? capitallist ?? heyy bliE DSLRs , DSLR em mo pna (D60 la 1 lot zafr sa 😉 .. m servI bridge moi 😀 … lollllll


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