My new photography gadget :P

Yeah, I know that I said that I will try to stay away from ebay… Anyways, the deal has been made 2 weeks ago and I got it from the post office an hour ago.

This time…. presenting to you……..


The “Suction Mount Tripod Holder for Car

(Click on above image to enlarge)

lol. So, as you can see above, it allows you to fix your camera on your dashboard or window using a suction system.

Of course, the D5000 is a bit too heavy to hold on a window, but it looks “ok” on the dashboard of the car. But I will not take the risk to leave my nikon in the hands suction system of a $10 item (+$8 shipping).

(Click on above image to enlarge)

If I need to use it, I will prefer to have somebody be in the front passenger’s seat to ensure that the suction does not get loose and fall down under the weight. But I am sure that a small camera (point and shoot) will work great on it.

So, I bought it for shooting videos while driving, mostly in the dark or at sunset when there is enough light and drivers have switched on their headlamps to get a video like this one shot using “les moyens du bord”.

I will probably test it probably during the weekend and keep tuned for the video πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “My new photography gadget :P

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  1. Hey bro,

    It’s a pleasure to see you taking your passion to the next level each time, with new goodies that’s going to take you to the next level.

    All the best!



  2. Hey, vidéo la seryer net. πŸ™‚ Surtout facon tne augmente so vitesse. Fr moi envi aster ene tripod pareil pou mo caméra.


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