Nomad claims for a returned modem!

Nomad, the “high reliable speed” internet service provider of Mauritius is back in the headlines of!

A friend, Nayar got a “Mise en demeure” legal notice today by post. (Sorry for the very bad quality of the image)

The letter has been issued by Sogerec, a company which provides legal services for getting money back.
(More info and better translation on their web site, lol)

Nomad is claiming the following :

IMPAYE : RS 7071.74
TOTALE : RS 7920.35

That makes a total of Rs7920.35 if the modem is returned and Rs10,000 additional if the modem is not returned.

But the best part in this story is that the rabbit modem has been returned long ago in September 2009
(See proof below – bad quality again).

They even included the following at the end of their letter :


What’s their problem?

Can’t they trace that out instead of sending those letters to people living peacefully now?

Nomad, my worst internet experience

And all ex-Nomad users know that the company does not accept the modem till you haven’t settled all the unpaid amount. It is a fact, most (if not all) of the Nomad users had a very very bad experience while trying to use that wimax powered internet connectivity. I have blogged loads of articles about Nomad. The Director of that time even asked me for a meeting to talk about my bad experience since it was making a lot of buzz on the Mauritian websphere. I was even called for a second meeting with the Person in Charge of the Comms of the company but this interview was never held.

Months ago, I switched to MyT and I can confirm : “Nomad s*cks!”

Anyone got the same letter as above? or more experiences to share? Feel free!

59 thoughts on “Nomad claims for a returned modem!

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  1. Hello guy..ey mo p decide pou met n namad la..enfin mon fek fer application tousa et in fini pay 3 mois davance tou…mais kan mon gagne mo namad, kan mo connecter mo pa gagne internet ditou…aster mo tel nomad zot dir mwa mo computer ki pa bon…mon change mon met n windows 7..mais la si pa gagne connection mem..mon ale retourn modem pou pren n lot..zot in don mwa n lot, mais r sasi pa gagne connection..aster zordi zot in dir ki zot pou envoy n technien pou guete sa…mais apre ki mon lire tou sa ban comments la, mon decourager…c vrai ki Nomad n bullshit kumsa????ki zot conseil mwa???mo fer coupe connection??


    1. @Mira: Salut.
      Nu pas cpv vraiement empeche toi servi nomad, mais comme tone remarker, tout dimoune p zis plaigner. No good news.
      C feedback ki zotte tous gagner.
      Tone truver to meme, tone fini payer, lo 1er jour meme tone decourager.

      Mo penser to deja konner ki la plipart d’entre nou pu conseille toi. 😛

      Keep us informed,


  2. Nomad technicien has come to my place yesterday guys et la lin essay connecter mais toujour pas gagne internet mem..lerla lin ale castel., soi disant ena n lenteine pou nomad a castel, samem lin ale gueter, et mon raconte mo misier ki mon gagne rendeigment lor internet et mo p dir li pou sa ban dimoune ki in gagne lettre et bizin paye Rs 10000…lerla apre n ti moment tech la vini li dir ena bokou dimoune p servi nomad en ce moment la b ene coute 8hr30 pou bizin gagne connection…mon dir li ,,si pa gagne connection lerla ki mo fer..???li dir tel li lli pou rezoutre problem la…aster mon connecter p gagne internet mem, mon tel tech la li dir mwa don li 1 minute li pou re tel mwa la…in gagn 30 minute li pa enkor tel kan mon tel so portab in teigne…

    Mon dir mo misier ale retourn nomad la et maltret zot dir zot ki nou in gagne renseingment lor internet ki zot service bien banal net et sa lespese Sogerec la avoy lettre tousa…kan mo misier in tel nomad in dir zot ki gg technicien zot in avoyer n ferfoute li pan fer et kan tel li li off so mob…zot in tende extra zourer et mo misier in dir zot affaire Sogerec, zot dir sa ban dimoune la ti fer retard pou fer payement akoz sa zot in gagne lettre…to croir sa twa???

    Enfin Nomad bien banal, p ale retourn li zordi et pou dmand zot mo cash rond…btw friends never put nomad as your internet, you’ll regret all your life..never do this mistake n never trust nomad..


  3. i got the same problem with nomad they ask me 2 years after i returned the modem to their head office claiming 10000 rs!!!!! this is unfreaking BELIEVABLE!!! why dont we get toghether with our documents n consult an advisor with the appropriate ministry?? who is with me?? we need to stop this bullying


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