Do you feel like swearing while driving?

Though it is not pleasant, very often it is the only way to express yourself to some people who call themselves as ‘drivers’. Examples of some situations in which some of you (including myself) can perhaps let a few words escape :

And what if your neighbor regularly parks his car carelessly on the road, forcing you to drive off of the road?

In 90% of the cases described above, I might most probably ‘forgive’ him if he makes/shows some sign to acknowledge that he committed an error. These  might be :

  • A signal with his hand
  • putting both of this hazard lights for 1-2secs.

Though it doesn’t mean anything in the “code de la route” or in any law, switching on both hazard lights is a very common practice in Mauritius to communicate to drivers behind you. Most often, this action is used to thank the driver in the car behind you. It might be applicable in many cases.

So, if ever you come across my car and you heard someone swearing at you, you have most probably committed a serious error which could have caused an accident!

Some funny *wtf*!

Let’s calm down with this funny picture posted a few months ago

And what about this driver?

Some people previously said that the driver might probably have an urgent meeting or something. It might really worth paying a fine in that case.

Say something now!

I am sure that many among you have more examples or perhaps personal experiences to quote here, isn’t it?

Please, feel free to share…

42 thoughts on “Do you feel like swearing while driving?

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  1. 1er photo – d5000 .. 2-3-4 avek mobile 😉 — ouII ena ban dimoun bizin repasse zot code de laroute .. 2 ans de cela m ti fr 1ti accident .. m ti p roulE slowly (25km/h) lor 1 lamonT, 1 4×4 tap avek moi par derriere akoz li p vini sipaki vitesse .. fini taP .. boug la sotte dehors vinne coumanse lev avek moi kifr m p roule doucement .. li coumance zourE tou .. tipas tipas lapolice vini .. nou al station lapolice .. missiE accepT etre guiltY mais couma fini serre lamain kan p sorti dehors (fini kit station la) .. 1 lot koup t tap avek moi .. m kasse t [l*k* p*l*n] Mauritius C’est Un Plaisir … li ki dans fotte mais moi ki bizin gagne peur .. by the way m tonton ki ti o volant mais m ti avek li all the time ..


  2. am seriously sorry for whoever drives like a shithead when i am around and in some form their driving is affecting myself… seriously… i don’t give a damned about paying a fine nor paying for repairing my car and possibly his car.. but hell, i will just ram my car in that idiot’s car just for the sake of making him lose a LOT more time than he think he would be saving by driving like an idiot.

    And for cases where some assholes parked his car right in some place where its preventing myself from going along.. i just go along and smash the windshield, i will pay a fine, i will probably have to pay the windshield… i don’t care.. i can do it, but wudn’t this really piss him off to know that he has to go through all the legal path to get it done?

    I’d say.. all people should get the same way of thinking like me, the world would be a much better place to live in. zordi meme 1 boug ti pou gagne gro batE zis akoz linn block chemin ar moi.


  3. hmm zourer lor volant.. comme dab envers nos chers amis les 2-roues! really bicycles and motorcycles are really real pests!and what to say about those coming out of junctions without respecting the “stop”


  4. When I drive in here, the only time I swear is the day when all the traffic lights are red when am already sooooo sooooo late :p … so nth directly coz of human error 😉 ..but when i used to drive in mru ..myyyy godd i used to swear like anything …not good at all for a gurl 😛 ..but yea i used to swear …but its been quite embarassing at times wen mom or my aunts or any “elderly” person would be in the car ..i say things and then go ..Oooppsss …lol … n sometimes they deserve “ban zourer la” …coz they can cause serious accidents or inconvenience for others –my case last yr in mru driving ===some1 overtaking on a bend ..grrrrr ..had to swerve the car–hit a pole 😦 brand new honda (3 mths old) needed a whole bunch of plastic surgery 😦 ..not to mention i paid the excess for insurance to sort out the whole door ..f@2%$# …


  5. I think that we need to re-educate Mauritians about 3 things:

    1. PREGNANT WOMEN cannot be driven around in jet speed cars!!!

    2. Travelling with an infant is not easy in these f#$king roads…

    3. An ill or wounded person cannot bear fast cars most of the times…

    I’ve expereineced the first 2 and to tell you the truth, Michel even got out of his car to swear at one man who was honking like hell for he was driving slowly around the holes in te road..I was 7 months pregnant and very ill…

    Secondo, even with a sticker ‘BABY ON BOARD’ drivers act like savages and honk…A-HOLES!!!

    YET, i do swear most of the times when am driving!!!!


  6. pedestrians on crosswalks taking all their time because they are too busy talking on their mobile phone

    pedestrians crossing the road, although they see you coming

    [MY FAVOURITE] drivers (especially taxi drivers on saturday in PL) in a hurry to overtake cars or buses at a stop – if u dont give way, they will have to reverse or wait for the other cars to start moving



  7. mwaaaa wiiiiiiiiiiii, pa kav tini… koz mo bien conscious kan mo drive.. aster lezot dimun p vinn met lavi dimune en pa dakor ek sa mwa…
    -pa la peine dir ena girl/woman mem ki zot lamin diboit net.. sa mo ggn plis nerrrrrrrrrrr…
    thnks god mo pa cumsa, omoin dimun pa zour zour mwa lol…

    n zour lor rond point, 1 madam dan 1 gro 4*4 nek debouche devan mwa, kar c mwa ki ena prioriter, madam la truv pou get mwa traver ek enkoler!!!! ek 1 chance mne men ggn aret atan , sinon accident!!!!


    1. Here is a thing which I made a few months ago…

      This happenned near Stade Anjalay.
      A private bus (bis individuel) was driving so carelessly that I decided to give the driver a lesson.
      I drove in such a way (and carefully) so that the bus was always at my back. At each bus stop, I stopped hundred meters away, waited for it to take its passengers till I continue the way. I never let him overtake me. He was so furious that he stuck to my back, very close to the car.
      This continued till Pamplemousses Hospital. lol.

      Can you imagine? Preventing a frustrated bus driver from overtaking you from Belle Vue till Pamplemousses?

      The guy was lucky that I was not heading towards Port Louis, else I would have accompagnied him till there 😛


  8. @ Tushal

    Michel pa ti p zourer…jamais….mais depi line konne moi..aster moi ki bzin dire li calmer li…

    yep…mauvais influence 😦



  9. hmmm alor sa ban homme ki pren zot pou parfait la…
    ena ban dimoune c po mwa le mot exact zot exciter kan truv 1 fille p conduire.. alor zot fr tou pou paniker, tromper sans cesse ou bien meme zourer… 1 sel foi mo ti zoure 1 zom lor la route.. li ti dir mwa korek lot kou mo tap r twa, mo enterre twa en place….

    alor nou les filles nou zoure plito dan leker…

    pa koir zis ban filles ki ena la main dubois… ena plis homme la main dubois lor lautoroute moriste ;))


  10. @ Karishma —>> very well said … I have very little experience driving in mru ..but that little experience makes me realise that lady drivers are not given due respect there n thats a fact 😦 … plus rude ki ena c ban taxi drivers , camions et bus ..pffff ..damn !!! meme si ou ena priority , ban la trouve fam lor volant zot rode intimide ou ,,,grrrr

    @ sansan …oh come on ..i ve seen worst than this n they were all men 😛 !!! right lane must turn right or left lane must turn left …surtout cot rond point ,,dimune pas prend conte sa dans mru … souvent mo in gagne sa surtout rondpoint jumbo –dimune dans outer lane nek apparaite devant ou rondpoint pamplemousses en direction grand bay crime sa …ppff meme affaire …


  11. Ene observation: La plupart seki p met comment here as if bane anges :p Zot pas faire okene errere lor la route, zis lezot ki faire 😉 Am almost sure que zot si zot gagne zourer, mais peut etre zot simplement pas tend li 😉


  12. Moi mo ti p envi poz 1 kestion a propos rond point.. mo encore pas sire..
    Disons mo p fr rond point shoprite.. p sorti plouis la.. mne pren lane dan droite la.. et ena 1 lot loto dan lane gauche..
    moi mo ena pou rentre qb.. boug dan gauche la li ress continier li rentre rose hill (tjrs li dan lane gauche em)..
    si mo tappe r li, moi ki en tort? parceki mwa mo dan lane droite et mne rentre dan lane droite direction qb et li li dan gauche et line coupe devant mwa.. kisana ki entort la?


    1. @Kavish : Sorry for late reply.
      Hmm, li important noter ki lo sa lane droite ki debouche lo ‘rond point’ la, ine ekrire Rose Hill. Mais pu repond a to kestion, mo penser c sa boug la ki entort.
      Akoz comme li pu al view lo lot partie ‘rond point’, ki truv lo lot la moitié, li siposer prend lane dans droite.

      Lane dans gauche lo ene rond point servi zis kant to p tourne lo prochain sortie ki truv lo sa ‘rond point’ la.


  13. en pricipe si to lor lane gauche to kapav tourne droite ou gauche, MAIS si to lor lane droite to ale zis dans droite…aparamen!!! lol!!!

    seki mone apran moi..aster pa koner…

    comik how we drivers still ask these type of questions…lol!


    1. @Reena : TVR!
      D’apres to logique, dimoune ki prend lane droite, pu reste tourne en rond ziska so lessence fini 😛
      haha. nice one 😉

      Ene chance pas toi ki conduire!


  14. MEGA LOL!!!

    Pas facile sa!!! LOL! LOL! LOL!

    Mo manker crache tou mo dilait dan mo verre!!!

    Moi kine faner mone confuse droite ek gauche…

    @ Yashvin!!! HYPER MEGA TVR!!!

    Depi lontan mo pa ine riyer kumsa…pfff…en pliss de sa..p riye mo meme! 😉

    Michel dire pas dire li kine montrer moi sa! lol!!!

    @ Kavish: my mistake man…mone mal compran…lol!!! sorry!
    kan mo p relire mo comment to Michel ki mone realiser mone faner grave! lol!!!

    Fran fran tou!!! pane riyer kumsa depi lontan..surtou kan mone lire sa:

    “D’apres to logique, dimoune ki prend lane droite, pu reste tourne en rond ziska so lessence fini ”

    MAIS C MOI KI SUPPOSER CONDUIRE Yashvin!!! kuma Tasya imper gran Michel dire li pu pran li assizer moi ki pu fer chauffeur!!!! lol!


  15. simple bane zene, ena la ligne lor chemin , surtou kan zot fer rond point check bien cot la ligne blanc la casser… normalemnt pu to rentre 4 bornes to kav pren tou les 2 lanes…ena ene tas chauffeur pa compren sa, lor rond point reduit osi ena ene tas zoive pa compren sa, ek ene piti ti tape ek moi tou ene temps et li ti gagn epu dire mo en tort..:/


  16. yeah lor ene rond-point (cki mone aprane..) pas kpav change lane, ou tourne a gauche tan que la ligne blanc pas casé. ek wi, pou rentre qbornes, kpav use both lane. coz kan rentre dans qbornes la, ine fer 2 lane expresement pou sa….

    Dans case Kavish, misié kine prend lane gauche pou ale r-hill entor.. li soi tourne a shoprite, ou chemin pou ale curepipe la ek last resort a qbornes. si li p continue pou ale rhill, twa to dans lane droite et tourné to tape ar li, li entor..

    cki mo coné aster.. 😉


  17. Thxs people.. prosin coute 1 boug passe devan mwa, mo tappe r li, mo rode l’assurance! 😀
    dommage ki r oto ecole zamai ine aprane fr rond point.. :/ ou ki zamai ine montrer toi kouma to sipozer rouler dan fast lane.. siretou dimunes encore roule 60km/hr dan fast lane.. :/ apre kan zour zot, wai zeness sovaz!


  18. @ Roushdat

    Mo pas faire erreur quand mo conduire. Ki-faire? Bein simplement parski:

    1 – mo respecter limite vitesse: si to roule trop vite, you are bound to make errors: encroaching on another lane, failing to stop at zebra crossing, not enough time to give proper signal for changing lanes / turning etc…

    2 – Avant chaque changement direction, mo donne signal bien en avance

    3 – Mo respecter scrupuleusement bann road markings – whatever be it: continuous lines, yellow lines, double yellow lines, stop lines, directional signs etc… Mem kot pena directional signs (inn effacer, ou bien – couma kot robot Castel – RDA so la-peinture inn fini), keep sticking to first principles: if you are to go through a round-about, use left lane ot swerve left, or right lane to go straight / turn right etc…

    4 – mo pas enn super chauffeur. Non, ça mo garde ça bien en-tête, parski c’est excess of self-confidence ki donne toi enn false sense of security: c’est pas parski zamé mo pa’nn raye mo loto ni mo’nn taper ki zamé pas pou arrive moi aukenn accident.

    5 – Mo dire merci – paume lamé gauche vertical, ou bien signal double-clignotant pendant 4-5 secondes – sak fois ki enn kikenn invite moi passer alors ki c’est li ki ena priorité (lors enn main, lors enn rond-point quand circulation bloker, etc). La courtoisie mari booster mo energie positive.

    Aster mazine toi quand enn malin nek change direction brite-brite / doubler toi dans gauche ek manquer faire moi tape dans so par-derrière (statistiquement, et in decreasing order of frequency) c’est touzour enn: Mazda3 noire, enn loto de luxe surpuissant(bé-èm, Mercedes, Volswagen Passat), enn loto tuning-bouffon nett (avek aileron, la-peinture kolkamani, ti la-limière/stickers/gadgets inutiles/dépareillé partou-partou), enn van 15 places, enn biss UBS, enn biss CNT, etc), pas tigite zouré-mama li gagner ar moi. Mais quand mo madame la, mo essaye garde mo calme. Mais malgré tout, mo blier vite. Mo pas alle mette paryaz ar li pou maltraite li plis ki bizin (mo ena collègue dans travail ki coumsa!), mo esperer li pas mort vilain lor koltar et ki li retrouve so bann proches sain et sauf, et ki surtout li pas al touye enn innocent. Dommage pou zot mem, mo konner ki dans Dodoland, plis to loto puissant/attire l’attention plis li supposé booster to ego. Alors, moi, dans mo ti loto 1,000cc, mo satisfaire moi ki li pas tombe en panne ek ki li amenn moi dans mo destination.

    C’est tout.



  19. @ Yashvin
    Blogs like yours should be more publicised for the relevance and sharpness. Keep up the great work!
    As for Facebook, I quit Facebook on the 31st May 2010, the World Quit Facebook Day as per It’s much better for my sanity 😉 In fact, this could be the next theme on your blog 🙂


    1. @Torpedo : Merciii 🙂
      As for me, I haven’t thought about leaving facebook as it helps me a lot to get some traffic here lol.
      Hmm, I am sure that if I ask the question “Will you leave facebook”, most mauritians will say “NO!”.
      That’s the most practised hobby (*passe temps*) in Maurtius!


  20. sanse linn batt ar zenfant lakaz meme!

    si ti ar moi ti pou ena 2 scenario:

    1. Mo desann mo calott pilon la. Force pou ena 1 lamann.

    2. Mo crazz accelerateur a fond, mo bour mo masinn direk dans pilon la so masinn.. li mort li mort… li sapE li ava gagne 1 lesson. Au pire… bien mo pou gagne mo loto reparE par so lassurance, parseki li kinn debouss kuma sovaz.



  21. Moi mo dir pa zis ban chauffard ki bizin zour zot, ban pieton oci..nek al cot Mc Donald cot robot la, tou les jours mem zafr…enkor Rouge, ban pieton trop presser zott, zott traversE mem, en risquant zott la vie. Mo pa souhaiter, mais tot ou tard pou arrive accident labas, tou les jours mo passe labas, mo observe sa bien.
    Btw, juska so ban policiers si pa respecter feux de signalisation ban cki ena pou traverse la route…bien souvent mone remarque sa, mo p rod le moment propice pou tire 1 photo quand mo trouve 1 p traverser,lol..

    tous les jours c’est le chaos..bien bizin regler sa problem la labas.


  22. @ Crouch22:
    Ayo, ou faire moi rappel pieton! Enn race à-part ça. Sirrtou bann saki – de toute evidence – zamé pann conduire. Li marss kott li envie, si li envie, quand li envie. Zott change direction brite brite, sans guetter et si par malerr ou tromper, prepare ou subir enn avalanche zourer ou bien enn regard en travers. Li ti-a-bon mo zis rappel 2-3 ti-reglements à zot l’attention: mo remercier boukou Messieurs Buntipilly et Caporal Stelio pou zott grande contribution la-dans –
    Рpieton ena full priorit̩ lors cross-here (also known as zebra crossing) full priorit̩ = obligation pou tou lezott usagers la-route ralenti en approchant et arr̻ter pou laisse pi̩ton passer (as my driving instructor always says: the crossing is on the road but does not form part of the road: it is an extension of the footpath for pedetrians only)
    Рmais, pi̩ton ena obligation traverse dans enn crossing when he is within 70 feet from the crossing. Donc, th̩oriquement, ou tape ar enn pi̩ton within 70 feet from a cross-here, you are not technically at fault.
    – kot pena trottoir, piéton ena priorité, surtout si lor mem koté ki ou (parski normalement, si li pe servi simé couma bizin, li pe faire face ar ou). Si piéton marse en-dehors trottoir, li tenchiquement en faute (en d’autres mots: piéton, tu t’aventures hors du trottoir à tes risques et périls)
    Рmotocycliste pas gagne droit zig-zaguer. Aukenn part. Ni lors autoroute pendant heure de pointe, ni nargnier: faille-patte sans clair! Si pou doubler pi̩ton / v̩hicule en stationnement, obligatoirement bizin arr̻ter avant donne signal pou doubler, et lorla, fauder pena traffic pe vini en face pou capave change lane et doubler.
    Рsi motocucliste pe roule dans gauche la route, li reste dans gauche. Si li choisir pou roule lors cot̩ droite, li reste la-bas mem, pas gagne droit passe lor gauche pou doubler.

    Bon assez pou zordi. Thank you all for your feedback.


  23. A few minutes ago :

    A car was rushing in the fast lane along motorway while I was slow lane. A moto was in front of him, so instead of applying brakes, he sided brutally on my lane right in front of me. Believe me, he won’t do that again in the future.

    I stopped besides the driver, yelled at him!

    He told me there was a moto in front.

    I replied back : “Monte lo mwa alors dans place peze frein!”


  24. Wai, dans Dodoland, ena enn mari problem: safety commands that when faced with an obstruction (foreseen or not) you brake first, give signal, check if other lane is free and that you have ample time to change lines without forcing the other user to brake, then change lanes. Mais dans Dodoland couma enn kiken ena enn problem, li transferre li lor ou, alle demerde ou pou tir sa depi lor ou lerla. Samem ki’nn derouler la: ena enn moto dans so lane, c’est ou faute parski ou ti bizin forecast sa so place ki ena enn moto ek ti li li ena top-priority lor ou pou confonde frein ar acceleraterr ek change lanes kan li envie sans montrer so l’intention ditou.

    Mem zaffer tou lé zour ar poids lours etc. ki pé vini en sens inverse, nek doubler, pa checker nargnié si ou pré ar li: c’est ou ki bizin arreter pou laisse li passer…

    Ki mo pou dire ou: mo pas content souhaite malerr dimoune, mais sa bann-la merite mort lor koltar mem ha…


  25. kan 1 lmama moto sorti lor 1 deboucher sans ki zote geter si ena loto p vini ou pas…
    zote penser si zote serre nete dans zote gauche tou pou ok!
    b movais imbecile si mo mo p vini ek moi si mone serre dans gauche pas pou crase toi! ou si 1 loto p depasse ene lote ki ti borde dans so lane in rentre dans mo lane mone serre dans mo gauche pou laisse li passer(si ena space b li normal sa) ek nek to trouve 1 moto sorti devant toi!!
    aaah mo yashvin mo dire toi franc zourer plein in gagner mais zote p***s lor toi carrement!:O


  26. Tann dire zordi 24 Mars 2011 c’est Journée de la Courtoisie au Volant?

    Mo’nn fini zour 2 soffer poids-lourds depi gramatin-la.

    Mo ti pou dire bann usagers de la route: mo respecter ou si ou respecter la loi: la-ligne blanc/jaune, robot, pedestrian crossing, road markings etc.

    Bugger all the rest!

    Point final.


  27. COURTOISIE?????? this is what i witnessed today @ 16:00 at the entrance of MGI, Moka. I was moving towards Helvetia and was 10 metres from the entrance of MGI, where the car in front of me with lots of ‘Courtoisie’ allowed some cars to enter and get out from MGI. Then when he reached the traffic lights, a Policeman came to him and shouted at him, indicating the GREEN light. I was horrified by this action, we always hear ‘courtoisie’, there was even a day for teaching about this, and i see that bloody policeman insulting the driver, where the hell are we going in this country??? He did not even realise that by letting the cars go, the man was helping the traffic moving towards Reduit. I AM REALLY REALLY OUTRAGED BY THOSE FU…. POILICEMEN!!!


  28. 1) Oh, I sincerely think that:

    a)- tackling roundabouts
    b)- driving at night
    c)- driving at high speeds on the highway

    should be part of any driving test.

    Oh and I hate it when I’m on the right lane on the highway where the speed limit is at 110 et mo p roul a 110 a soir, loto deriere p rode doublé, force twa rent lor lane gauche par ene serie de full phare, et zot ress coler mari pres ar to loto deriere..

    et come mo pa tro tolere arrogance en general .. mo pa ceder ! et kan li depasser (lor gauche) en general mo gagne zourer ! I don’t care. I respond with a smile, if not with a middle finger .. lol

    this is dangerous driving in my opinion; driving above 150 does not make sense unless you want to save a few minutes .. maurice tipti..

    et concernant rond point, the only one I know which is ‘tricky’ is the st.jean one


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