Beware! The days of your camera are counted…

Digital cameras do not have unlimited life, as most of us believe… They will die someday, just like any one of us.

We all know the limitations of the old cameras among which is the film roll capacity, 12/24/36… Only the most important moments were captured on the film and later processed. However, with the invention of digital cameras and larger memory cards, everything changed… Many of us click at anything.

Yeah, absolutely ANYTHING that comes in front of our eyes!

Counting the number of clicks…

Just like human’s have a average life expectancy, let’s say 80 years, cameras have one too; determined by the number of actuations. That’s the number of pictures you shoot with your camera.

Before continuing any further, let me bring one precision. By saying that the camera is dead, I actually mean the Shutter Unit. For the sake of simplicity, the shutter unit opens to allow light to enter the sensor for a definite time (shutter speed). Hence, each time you press the button, that’s one actuation.

Each camera model has it own average shutter life expectancy. [check yours here or just google it].
For example, the Nikon D5000 has an average of 100,000 shots.

However, that number is only an estimate. Your camera can and will probably hold for a much higher number!

Rest in peace…

Once the ‘camera’ dies, the shutter unit can actually be replaced by professionals. However, it takes long (perhaps years) to shoot those thousands of pictures and when it actually dies, it would be most probably time to upgrade your camera. And it might also not be worthy to replace it, depending on the value of your camera.

Henceforth, I will be using my d5000 more intelligently… Thinking before shooting to get the best result instead of shooting loads unnecessarily… And you should adopt the same technique too, if you care for your camera shutter unit!

I guess that most of you were not aware about this fact, am I right? 🙂

So, now you got another additional reason to keep tuned to for more informative posts!

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The End…

18 thoughts on “Beware! The days of your camera are counted…

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  1. my first digital camera lasted 2 years .. for rs4800 .. an average of 5000 shots were taken.. the shutter didn’t get damaged .. the camera is simply not starting up anymore ! :((((


  2. Lol!!!

    you wont believe me!!! i was having a few problems with my cam (ordinary Canon Powershot A460)…basic everyday camera…

    Then i bump into your blog today!!! lol!!! and i seriously think i need to manage my pics…

    dont know if am having te problem of shutter dying, but at least your blog helps 🙂

    thnx for the info!


  3. LOL. I had this digital camera since around 7 years and I took thousands of pics with it. It still works perfectly.

    But my new digital camera, a cheap Fujifilm A850 started showing various signs of disappointed after 1 year.

    The old things are stronger and better as the old people always say! 😛


    1. @Sun : I think that you are referring to point and shoot cameras?
      As far as i know, yes. It concerns any camera. If anybody can confirm this?


    1. @Yurit0s : Great! Thanks for that information. I will update the post accordingly.

      @Sun : So, you got ur answer… Only DSLR’s are concerned…


  4. can I use this chance to say how rubbish is the aftersales service of happy world?
    Class A a$$ service!!!

    si zot ena kit problem r nerport ki Sony. . bsn ale happy world coromendel!!!!

    ek pa dire ban happy world PL kit sa. zot pou dire toi. pa zot travail sa!


  5. @ yashvin, does it apply to the point and shoot which i have ? sony dsc-h7 ?? .. if it applys m ena interE coumance hesiT avan tire photo 😦


  6. @ yashvin : have a idiotic question on my mind .. isn’t the shutter in the lense for DSLRs so how come the camera will be dead and not the lense :S


  7. btw, if anyone needs to check the shutter count of a camera, just upload one of the latest pictures to “” for example.
    After the image is processed, you will be able to read the shutter count, which will be displayed. If you feel lost among all those detailed properties, do a quick search on the page for the words “shutter count”.


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