A public holiday to celebrate the 10,000 comments


The 10,000th comment has been submitted by JT at 2:33am today in the Job Recruitment blog post

Dixste mille comments, as the leader of Party Malin would have said!
On this note, I must admit that Politics has been greatly beneficial to my blog, more especially the posts about Party Malin 🙂

If am not mistaken, someone previously requested that I should give a public holiday when my blog reaches the10,000 comments milestones. (Does that person still remember?)

So, I am proud to announce that I am granting a public holiday, tomorrow the 5th May 2010…

Why not today? Well, many people are already on their way to office, won’t be fair, isn’t it?

Great days for yashvinblogs.com

I will also like to thanks everyone for their numerous visits over the past days. yashvinblogs.com has been doing extremely well since last weekend.

yashvinblogs.com rules!

And don’t forget, please do vote tomorrow!!! It is your right!

14 thoughts on “A public holiday to celebrate the 10,000 comments

Add yours

  1. Thanks, let’s declare the 5th May “Yashvin Gratification Day”. I cannot vote, yet, but I guess you guys will vote for a better future and a ile Moriste sociable.
    Good luck.


  2. congrats for the 10,000 comment 😉 … moin d’une semaine de cela tne p fr campaigne pou party malin et to blog in fer 1 mari success .. mazinE si si rente dan parlement .. combien visit/comments t pou gagne 😛


  3. aheeeem aheeem ou mem ki premier minisssste ki p donn public holiday, b si ggn 10,500 comments, ki ou pou donner pou fet sa ??? lol


    1. @sansan : 10,500? sa trop pres, dans kelkes mois mo pu fini reach sa.
      Peut etre kant mo gagne 15000 mo cpv faire 1 fete kot mo invite tous bane top commentators of my blog 😛

      Took me 3 years to reach 10,000 comments. So, I guess that 5000 comments more might take less than 1.5years, even less if the blog continues with such a great success.

      SO, u wanna a big party? Visit and comment regularly to reach the top list 😀


  4. Yashvin, I am sitting on the 3rd floor of GBS Plaza at the moment in Grand Bay and looking outside of my window. Looks like the celebration of your 10000 comments already started. Happy Holiday to y’all and do not forget to vote for better MU! I cannot vote but looking how people are active – both EAST and WEST politicians can be envy on the electorate 🙂


  5. kan to reach 15000 comments u should get married lerla to invite nou tous 🙂 woooooow i no its a great idea. si parti malin elue to cav gagne subside to get married!!!


  6. Dixste mille comments, HAHAHAHAHAHA to si to p coumense faire PROMESTE couma missier malin ki p encolere ki touriste p jouir tou ban RICESTE nou pays ;p


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