I think I will add more content a bit later…

Seriously, who has the guts to share the thing(s) which he/she has been postponing since long???

Me? I have been planning to sit for some certification exams.

Tomorrow I will start the revision, promise!!!

18 thoughts on “Procrastination

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  1. 🙂 so many things i have been putting for later..writing my book, doing my mangas, painting, buying my camera, starting my feng shui course…and so on…and so on…


  2. some administration to do but still not started……. got to start the project sometime…. so where is the motivation?


  3. m latab kot m fer devoir XD .. + mo la chambre kot ena ban cds (environ 1 600 parla) .. lol bizin met l’ordre ladan
    mum asked me 2 months ago : met lordre dan to latab
    mne dire li : dan conG, supposement ban conG cki finn pasE la .. demain demain, demain n’est jamais venu jusqua aujourdhui 🙂


  4. wa man, mo ti p pense pu met comment mais ine procrastinate un peu.. lol

    ayoo certifications?? to bizin payer ek money depi dans pocher ek si to paC lerla DCDM rembourse toi LOL


  5. lol yash u seriously asked this question la? the list can go on and go forever and ever tou mo pou dir lol. endless…. mais just 1 e.g. finishing up all my msc assignments 😦 telement ine cachiete ek ene ton livres, i cant even bleeding see the light at the end of the tunnel :p lol


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