Presenting the “Mauritian Eye”

Who hasn’t heard of the world famous “London’s Eye”?

Well, for those who have been to Champs de Mars since the last months, you have surely noticed the ‘sort of amusement park’ being set up…

In June 2009, I even blogged about it because I believe that there may be some money laundering(blanchiment d’argent)  behind this. They are always building it up, pulling it down for X reason and they bring 10 persons to set it up again. Repeat X times a month.

I fail to understand how they got the money to bring this here and “maintain” it without any need to run it. Anyway, it is always fun to watch they doing all this cinema everyday while walking to and from my office 😛

The Mauritian Eye…

After the small copy of the “Eiffel Tower” in Curepipe, here come’s the Mauritian version of the “London Eye” :

So, here’s the “to-be” Mauritian Eye (youtube video)…

[London eye image source]

4 thoughts on “Presenting the “Mauritian Eye”

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  1. yep dude!
    for laundering dirty money!
    smetime i feel myself amazed about such ideas, i mean there is always a casino!
    but man try to understand these guys, maybe they have cartons of billets hidden in their garage and which are daily being eaten by rats; they are desperate!


  2. … You never now on the laundry 🙂 but this is a nice entertainment for the whole family and I wonder why no one from the Investors created a nice water park right on the seaside or amusement park just a classy one – it’s a tourist destination – so the cash flow is stable


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