Price of Petrol (April 2010)

I thought that both prices will remain unchanged this month 😦

L’essence : Rs 43.40/L ->Rs 46.65/L

Diesel : Rs 34.40/L – Unchanged

Here’s the graph from yashvinblogs :

I bet that the next review of prices on 2nd or 3rd May 2010 will be either a decrease or unchanged for both essence n diesel 🙂

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  1. If in Mauritius, there were 24/7 comfortable and secure bus services available, i wouldn’t mind taking the bus.. 🙂


  2. i totally agree. next month, price will either drop or remain unchanged. another situation which we might expect this month – a few hunger strikes!!! and massive hiring..and so on..well, the usual pre-election splurge


  3. there are a number of “zone d’ombres” which we as payers aint aware of.

    1. how on earth does APM fix these prices?? based on wot??

    2. Does STC replenish its stock every month??

    3. Are the dealings with the supplier done every month or has it already been done for a fixed period over a decided cost?? (like well known Air Mauritius’s deal)

    4. APM stands for wot here?? do they have a software to calculate this?? ki formule servi?? couma prix la monter par 2rs/3rs?? ti bizin o moin explik sa.

    I think it should have been at least a transparent process informing us about all these.


  4. Next review will be on 5th May. A first in Mauritius, since the monthly review has always been done on either the 2nd or 3rd of the month.
    This is purely political. If the population will not vote for the actual govt if there is an increase/no change in price. Thus, they scheduled it for the day itself, when vote is over…


  5. Not much transparency in the price fixing. The public remains with that unanswered question…. how do you arrive at this price??


  6. lol mo sur ene tas ine decu en fait r price la.. zot ti p expect price tomber pou kave dire “BRIBE ELECTORAL!” mwahahahaa


  7. @TL No hunger strikes since they depend on diesel prices. Lorries, buses, many taxis are diesel powered. Govt will be careful about the diesel prices unless there really is an increase in the international market.

    That said, diesel is cheaper cause it is produced at a lower refinement level. Means that it’s cheaper to extract diesel from oil than petrol… When will the govt apply taxes based on CO2.. We’d finally see economical diesels all around.

    Did you know that a 1.3L Diesel is more economical than a 1.0L petrol, even if the price of diesel/litre were higher?! No wonder Europeans buy 50% of their cars as diesel.


  8. I think that prices increasing at a time when elections have been announced speaks for itself.

    Unless they have been particularly crafty, I believe that the increase simply means that prices are truly set in an objective manner and political influence is not apparent there.

    I also think that it is a good thing to delay the announcement of petrol prices after 5th of May. It would be a bad idea for certain sections of the population to judge a government based on things beyond their actual control.


  9. Prices on gas are NOT the subject of market indication in this case. If there is not enough mechanism to neutralize the Fx impact and purchase is regulated by the government + private there is always a way of speculation. Even in Russia, that seats on the natural resources this is the case.


  10. Ena vrai magouille par STC – Ena double taxation lor l’essence. Kan Jayen Chellum ti pe pense pou fer la greve a propos Taxe Abusive lor Produits Petrolier, apres kan line gagne so la monnaie are gouvernement pas tendre li dutout – ine bien taxer injustement la population – pour preuve kan prix ti $110 baril – maurice l’essence ti Rs 41.00 – asterla prix $70 baril et Maurice li Rs 46.65


  11. Vote nou encore ene fois et nou pou re-change ou la vie dans 100 jours. Nou pe tire taxe lor la p….de micro


  12. Kan prix to $110, STC pa ti pass cost la lor ban consomatteurs ek line faire gro la perte. Sa mem appel hedging kot dimoune local ti beneficier. Aster la $70 li logique ki to pe couver zot la perte par millions.

    But otherwise, there is a lack of transparency towards which criteria they chose to set that price. Anyway, ena plis ki 100% tax lor lessence ek diesel. Ban Americain pay under Rs 30/L…


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