Sorry but having a ‘tuned’ car does not make u a good driver!

I just came back home after spending a few hours shooting at the Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses. I made some very nice pictures πŸ™‚

I can’t wait any further, here is a small preview.

However the joy of having some nice shots ended when I reached the main road of Triolet. A long queue of cars speeding towards the north with their hazard lights and headlights on too. So, they were surely doing a “rally”. Nothing bad, some cars are really nice.

Careless driving

But however, I was disappointed by some of the drivers. I will explain why :

  • Some of them were overtaking everyone carelessly like as if they are the king of the roads.
  • Since some of them had both their hazard lights on, it was impossible to know when they were overtaking a vehicle in front of them.
  • Even those without hazard lights did not bother to put them on, as they learned during their driving school lessons.
  • Update : I failed to mention that there was a girl (apprx 15yrs old) waiting to cross the road on a pedestrian crossing. I saw tens of those ‘tuned’ cars passing by her, nobody dared to stop to give her the way.
    But I did…

The worst part of their ‘extraordinary discipline’ was at the entry point of Triolet.

A guy, with a “POLICE TRAFFIC BRANCH” fluorescent jacket (exactly the one worn by the Police motorcycle riders) stopped his motorcycle (not a police one) on the other side of the road, halting vehicles coming from both sides of the road so that he could make some way for the “tuned” cars to pass.

The shocking part was that, the guy wore a BLUE JEANS! Yes, he wore a jean and a POLICE jacket.

Surely, since he wore a jean, he was not on duty. He simply can’t be on duty if he is not in his police uniform. How can he control traffic outside his working hours and above all, wearing an official police jacket.

So, if someone came across him too or participated in the rally, can I have some explanation?

Let’s hope that someone passes the message to them, it would really help!

Unfortunately, I could not take any pictures to prove what I am saying since I was driving myself, unlike those persons who think that they can do anything with their ‘tuned‘ cars.

Have a nice sunday and keep tuned to and πŸ˜›

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  1. Was that the Infozen rally? I saw that they had Inspector Mattar (correct spelling?) with them wearing fluorescent jacket.


  2. #Zuu : Thanks for the info.

    @Mike : Seems so, perhaps the same rally.
    I hope that the inspector was not the one wearing a blue jeans with a fluorescent police jacket πŸ˜›


  3. Saw you pass by my place.

    I knew you gonna blog about it πŸ˜› (and that was quick lol)

    Yep i saw that jean guy with traffic jacket. Maybe you didn’t notice, but they were on 2 different motorcycle:
    – One was controlling traffic
    – The other one had a camera man at his back

    Nice cars but very dangerous driving.


  4. Small update in the article :
    I failed to mention that there was a girl (apprx 15yrs old) waiting to cross the road on a pedestrian crossing. I saw tens of those ‘tuned’ cars passing by her, nobody dared to stop to give her the way.

    But I did…


  5. yep it was for the shooting of the ROAD TRIP INFO ZEN 2010.

    the guys on motobike wearing fluo jackets are road marshals from DAILMERS MOTO CLUB.


  6. dans to place, mo ti pu fer sa bans makro rally la manz mine apollo ou presto, ti pu jir zot lir larticle tone posT apropo mine la.

    wei dimer moi si mo met jeans ek police jacket mo done signal pu done mo fami prioriT, 1 mari bon lidee πŸ˜€


  7. @yashvin,
    why “This is a content summary only. Click on the title above to view the whole article on my blog! Cheers, Yashvin”

    why ?

    ti plis facile lire lor Google Reader πŸ˜› ek kan article interessant, lerla mo vin lor πŸ˜‰


    1. @Ravi : Unfortunately, I was compelled to include only a small summary since there are a few spam blogs which copy the same feed stories, thus displaying my whole content on their blog. Don’t worry, for you dear readers, this means only 1 additional click to have the blog article. Not a big deal πŸ™‚


  8. to ena tt a fai raison man…et c ki pire ladan c ki sofer la kan li behind the wheel of a tuned car li penC ki li 1 Pilote… li pa meme pense li meme as 1 sofer confirmé ki in bien formé a roule dan circulation,lor la voie publik, li saute etape, li senti li pilote de course direk direk…. i was invited for the infozen rally et sance mo pane aller sinon mo ti pou pass ladan moi osi… XD


  9. The price of petrol is such and yet they are consuming it as if it’s cheap as chips? πŸ˜€ Doing rally with that petrol?

    zot bizin ale casiet zot figure for having had even the idea of doing rally in those pathetic and congestedroads of mauritus! how could they think of doing so?

    ine depense tou sa largent petrol la nek pu fer rally? lol, zot senti zot mari fiere tou la! ti kpav servi sa resource la pu investi dan 1 lot projet ki bien meriter au lieu de ça.


  10. lolz :)) i do not have a tuned car .. but i am a damn good driver for sure :)) hahaha lolz.. :)) doing the best with your car proves that you are a damn good driver .. instead of tuning the car to be the best ..

    TUNE YOURSELVES DEAR (Apprenti) PILOTS πŸ˜› niahahhahaa lolzz..

    Furthermore a lot of persons think that just pressing on the accelerator and jumping to 200km/h makes them a great driver .. how stupid ..


  11. Hi,

    just wanted to tell u tat i was nt part of tat rally but should point out smthng to U all… We r in Mauritius dude, tuned cars is evryday life… Just wear seat belts n watch the movie…

    N 4 Yash 4 ur title, having a tuned car doesnt mak u a gud driver… N 4 u, i gnna say having a tuned car makes u drive like hell and b a paradise.

    If you hv the guts, try driving tat on a congested road lik a mad. Sure, u gnna pee in ur pants…

    So, my friend just live ur life and let others live theirs as they want!

    Monte bicyclette…. Cheers


  12. Yep i confirm, bellow are some pics of today infozen trip!/album.php?aid=162752&id=508584140





    1. @yurit0s : Thanks for the link.

      @Simpson : You said it all once again. No need to give any other reasons anymore.
      I quote :
      Barre laroute ou sipa koi mayb illegal bt we do it.

      @ashfaq : I would add something my dad always said to me.
      Driving fast is so easy. Just try to drive a car slow, that’s the real pain! Simpson thinks that he is a hero by driving his subaru worth millions.

      L’habit ne fait pas le moine πŸ˜›

      @Jim Kater : Welcome back Jim! Happy to hear from u again πŸ™‚
      So, I might agree with you too, but for this post, I have been specific… I wrote about the thing I saw on the road, for the rally.
      A guy with some car in front of me just turned his steering wheel to the right to overtake the whole queue of cars in front of him, without even putting his hazard life.
      So, you call him a good driver? Or a experienced one?


  13. @Yash… Ti zis nvi point out smthng to U… Barre laroute ou sipa koi mayb illegal bt we do it.

    Ti zis nvi zt cmpran tat u cannot judge we people by our driving or anythng… Who are u to judge aftrall?!

    Tuned cars… I bought a subaru 7 mnths ago at Rs560K n today am getting it tuned wrth Rs250K …. Nu yen sa!

    1 thng though, nu fr fou, nu kv taper ek mort bt we dnt kill!!! Safety 4 others 1st!

    N 4 the same, it was chosen to nickname Mauritians!


  14. @simpson – I wonder how you would feel if one of those “pilots” driving crazily in their “paradise” knock off one of your family members on the road. Enjoy the ride of “tuned” cars in safe places .. Instead of putting the life of others at risk !

    “Driving like mad on a congested road” shows your level of maturity :)) why would anyone do it either?? Just to brag about their car running at speed more than others ?

    Try running against me on a track (on foot) – odds are that i would beat you unless you can run under 23seconds a 200metres πŸ™‚

    Take care dear simpson who is so fond of metal since relieving some of the frustration that nature didn’t gift you with the means to run by yourself ! lolz..
    Soo sad for you mate.


  15. A good driver is someone with many years of driving experience. Having a tuned car or not cannot determine whether one is a good driver. I cannot agree to the title hundred percent. But these days many youngsters (less than 30 of age) possess a tuned car. May be there aren’t experienced guys but may be they are good drivers. The title can be like this too:
    Sorry but having a car does not make u a good driver!


  16. Experienced drivers are not necessarily good! Sa aussi capav dir. How many time’s I have seen 40 year olds overtaking near a cross-here, too often do I see the lack of lane discipline in Ebene roundabouts, and overtaking in 5th gear. And man I’ve been a better driver of these people since I got my license lepok université…

    Tuning and cars? You better know the basic security guidelines and if you don’t know how to handle your car or how far it can go, you’re in for trouble. How many times has the PM crashed the DB9? Ever wonder why you don’t see it on streets now…

    For me, I drive safely, as fast as my car and road can (that means 80 on my old Toyota and 110 on my Dad’s new car)… Ah, and respect that 40kph limit in populated areas (sa aussi comier dimoune pa faire). But when I want the speed thrill, there’s always my computer, where’s I’ve invested in a Rs10,000 GeForce 9800 GTX 512MB last year and play that on a big screen… You can do over 350kph… It’ll cost less than the real car and (almost) as much fun – TOTALLY SAFE for you and your neighbours… Anyway, you can’t do 300 on Mauritian roads (sensibly, not just to cass record).

    Sinon there’re motorcycles… more thrills but more risk.. No I don’t do them, may be I’ll buy an electric scooter someday… I sure am going to tune my next car for 1. looks, and 2. engine (to get at least 150hp)… My old one I’d say, isn’t worth the money… I’ll only fit some gadgets from eBay…


  17. hey i just came across wat u said above, well these guys were appointed marshall, written on their backs by the authorities and the police force themselves to help maintain a good flow of these cars, i guess because not all police bike were available… if they didnt make a good flow till the beach, there would be a huge traffic jam….BUT i strongly approve wat u said up there, a tuned car doesnt make a good driver!


    1. @Ali G Coyote : Thanks for this precious info.
      This has never been done in Mauritius before, correct me if I am wrong.
      Did the authorities inform the public about the presence of those persons?
      However, I would like to know what were their rights on the roads.
      I will try to get an answer on my side and will post this here.


  18. btw i was in one of these cars, as passenger, and i must say my friends were opposed to careless driving of some of them, and wanted only to have the opportunity to show have they have customized their cars, just like some of us customize pcs, cameras etc to make them perform better, a good car tuner knows his car, chooses each and every part, searches on the net for power but also for stability and invest a lot in brakes, they look after their tires and engine far more than any normal driver. tuning is not only to have speed, but the art of design mixed with mechanics. some tuners dont show off, you may even not know which car it is, no badge, nor stickers on the sides. a tuned car maybe dangerous, but a normal car too.

    As for the marshalls, they were the guys who would stop the reckless one, forcing them not to overtake and stay in line and follow the rules, that i can prove since i saw it at least ten times.


    1. @Ali : lol. I witnessed a few things too, like the ‘marshalls or watever name they had’ stopping suddently on the other side of the road, forcing all vehicles to stop on both sides. Making all of those cars overtake another queue of vehicles including buses, just to allow them to pass. Isn’t that a bit too much? Even the police does not do that frequently!

      You said yourself, some of them were careless. I said the same thing too. Sure, ena bane vilain canards partout, mais pas veut dir zotte tous vilain πŸ˜›
      There was one car, I remember the plate number “J 2222” or something like that. I was driving at a normal speed, overtaking a vehicle carefully. He just left his lane n started to overtake the one in front of him, without any hazard lights. If I did not apply my brakes immediately, zotte rally ti pu ena 1 bon souvenir…
      If you know him, it would be great if you advise him to take some driving lessons again.

      Sorry to tell again, mais zotte pena courtoisie lo simin…meme pas ene sorry, or ene lamain pu excuse li. If that is called driving for them, then they should not be on the roads, but on a rally track…


      1. Another thing lol.
        Looking for stability on mauritian roads? 110km/hr is the maximum authorized limit on our roads…
        btw, yes, I agree with you. Not all of them show off. +1 for you.


  19. well all the participants were brief before the trip, and about their right, i guess it was only to maintain a good flow of these cars, better have them in line than overtaking each other, since mauritian road are so f@cked up, each stop would make all the “700” cars stay more on the roads, thus more trafic jam…but to let a little girl cross, i think it wouldnt have made such impact…


    1. @Ali : I heard on tv that the organisers boasted about 150-200 vehicles… 700 is a bit too exaggerated, isn’t it ? Kidding, don’t mind πŸ˜‰
      btw, don’t worry about mistakes, we are not writing a GP essay πŸ˜›

      Anyway, for some of the drivers, letting a little girl cross won’t make any difference… Anyway, they only thought to have fun… while not caring about others on the road.


  20. lol well i guess these were the bad guys, j222, white car? i know him, he just got his license lol, dont worry i’ll pass the word. well about marshalls i dont think it was too much, with so many cars and motorcylces, it was better to be on the safe side, i was told there were 700 vehicles, not sure about that, now when you wittnessed the prime minister halting every one for about 15 to 30mins everday, just for 2 or 3 cars to pass by so as he can get quickly to his work, i think it was necessay to maintain the flow of the rally. but even that, their was an accident, i dont know where or how, or if it was due to the rally…shit happens :S


    1. @Ali : Yes, a WHITE car! Perhaps the next time, the organizers should have quality and security, instead of quantity…
      I said it earlier, driving slowly can be a tough thing to do, am sure, for many of the participants.
      They were driving so close to each other, a simple brake or error could result in a real chaos! I am not surprised if there was really an accident.

      The prime minister, its off topic sorry. It is about the security and well being of the country. You simply can’t compare, even if no one likes it.


  21. hello, ‘just wanna say that I don’t agree with the title of this post ‘coz I have a tuned car and I’m a great driver… I don’t have my driving liscense yet and often exceed the speed limit in …Mario Kart!


  22. What is the purpose of that rally? I would like to think it promotes something or anything. Ok ok i get it; it promotes tuning. I very much don’t want to criticize the nature of the event. But what good does it hold to drive from one part of the country to another making noise, causing traffic and the discomfort of at least 900 thousand Mauritians. Our national television has once again prove its level of competency to us all. And now that they have their new Building at reduit am eager to see what change will that bring to its expertise. These guys are supposed to be television experts. Their area of work should be limited to 42 inch maxi. I would not be surprise if a contingency plan was not set up.


  23. @Awesome driver, you are not a good driver since you don’t have a driving license LOL. that’s the main point regarding a bad driver.. kan roul loto premier zafer police pu ask, c licensr ki to pena LOL.

    @Yashvin, euh fi, sa foto tone meT lor fb la cute net LOL


  24. Its just a rally n its not done everyday…I wonder what will people say when their’s gona be rallies. Those are the worst one even being a good driver U jus simply cant control anything and top of it their’s no single discipline.
    So cheers guys….


  25. So Yashvin, if a put a spoiler and skirts on my car and change my exhaust pipe to a bigger and noisier one, will it be OK for me to:

    1. Wake up everyone in the neighbourhood at night when i drive back home
    2. Bully other cars drivers with my headlights because they are driving (even though at maximum speed limit) in front of me
    3. Overtake on the left on a single lane road because some bloke is driving (again) at max speed limit
    4. Exceed speed limit in speed zones
    5. Recklessly drive my car in small roads because i believe my driving skills are so good that i cannot cause any accidents involving pedestrians or public property or random parked cars

    because i believe that i drive so so well and that all other drivers are so dumb and slow


  26. had an e36 .. apres vand li ki mo p koze so kozer lol.. it was modified from head to toe by me .. not that great modifications still it worthed something πŸ˜‰ .. and my sister (i don’t have a driving license) never reached 130km/hr on it .. maybe only once, at night ,, from flic en flac to bambous did 150 (the road was sure to be clean)

    there are some who drive for others to see and be all amazed and a strnger good impression on hm is all that counts ..

    but there are still some who even after having a worthy beast drive for pleasure not to be ranked, or get attention from people who will forget them after 2 days after seeing the car


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