Zorange Expo 2010

I am still undecided… Should I go there for a visit or will I be losing my precious time?

Can you help me dear readers?

What did you find (or not) interesting there?

17 thoughts on “Zorange Expo 2010

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  1. Changed my mind and decided NOT to go this year. Nothing very new to attract me. I am looking for better service offers such as IP/internet connection. Am not interested in their television channels coupled with broadband internet offer. I think they should keep those things separated and make better offers for high-speed internet tariffs.


  2. I will be there, representing UOM at the EmergeInov stand. Presenting mobile services develpped by the students.

    You might want to check it out 😉

    + The little 3D theatre is quite amazing. sinon , im not a big fan of zoranz myself


  3. Well i was there on the opening day. Frankly last year was much better than this year. Commenting on the projects of UTM and UOM, i will say that both UOM and UTM made the same type of application but with a different dimension.


  4. UOM Students built a working system that allows you to control your computer using your mobile phone, not bluetooth, but just about any phone that can make a phone call. They demonstrated playing computer games by dialing a number and using your number keys!

    And UTM’s best project seemed an extension of an old UOM project, map of Mauritius with traffic routes, now allowing police officers to specify accidents so that people can know which routes to avoid.


  5. Update

    Orange Expo 2010 : succès d’affluence avec 45,900 visiteurs
    En effet, 45,900 visiteurs ont répondu présent à l’événement ; soit 15% de plus que l’année dernière. Pendant les trois jours du salon, un sondage a aussi été réalisé auprès des visiteurs pour recueillir leur avis sur la qualité des produits et des innovations. 4,000 personnes y ont participé.

    A souligner que 9 personnes sur 10 interrogées ont confirmé qu’elles comptaient revenir pour la prochaine édition d’Orange Expo.

    Source : http://www.orange.mu/kinews/dossiers/business/247974/orange-expo-2010-succes-d-affluence-avec-45-900-visiteurs.html

    Zotte meme santer, zotte meme tappe la main 😛


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