Price of Petrol (March 2010)

petrol march 2010

Announced a few minutes ago :

L’essence : Rs 43.40/L – Unchanged!

Diesel : Rs 32.65/L – Increased to Rs34.40/L

Big thanks to Tushal (mentioned his name to get comments n give him credits) but also to l’express 😛 (yeah, they do publish true news too, mostly :P)

4 thoughts on “Price of Petrol (March 2010)

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  1. ti dire toi sa..:p…ek heavy oil pan changer..
    enfin, 1 mois petrol increase/diesel same. next month petrol same/diesel increase. Enfin, banla kone couyone dimoune.


    1. En effet, l’essence pane monter, comme zotte ti faire croire dans previous price change.
      Diesel owners… your turn now to pay a bit more… next month probably for car owners(essence) 😛

      Tushal, to tellement koze vraie sa, gagne doute tout 😛


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