Unitech 2010 – Your comments?

As some of you know, today I was in the Unitech fair (26th Feb – 01st Mar 2010) held at Octave Wiehe Auditorium, Reduit. Frankly speaking, I was quite disappointed, both as a visitor and someone who represented his company(here, DCDM Consulting).

It is not my first time in such a fair; Read my previous experience in 2007 and 2009 (on Dhaneesha’s blog).

As you will notice in the post for the 2007 edition, I described the fair as totally amateur… Sorry guys, you haven’t improved, even 3 years later!

My comments

Today was the last day for the thing they organised. As expected, there were not many people.

However, the temperature inside the hall was really uncomfortable! I can’t imagine what the situation on the very first day or even the second day of the fair, with hundreds of people crowded in a relatively small space… I saw only 2 fans and fortunately, one was pointing towards my stand there.

Someone told me that only 2-3 out of the 8pcs were in working conditions for LAN games.  [UNCONFIRMED – Confirmed by Sun and Tushal]

unitech inside

I met a friend who was surprised to see me there… He asked me me what I was doing at the university… I told him about the fair… He told me “What fair?” lol! There was so much fairs there that some people have stopped bothering about them!

The cinema hall

At some time, someone from the organising committee must have though : “Let’s play movies using the projector!”

They found it fun to play Transformers and some other bollywood movie, aloud with the 10.23 surround speaker system they had! The whole hall echoed the sounds.

It was irritating, especially with that temperature! Fortunately, I controlled myself! I was really going to ask them to turn that off!

unitech - playing movie

Unitech… Sorry, but I can’t see the movie word somewhere.

I thought that University students were not kids anymore but I was wrong for them!

An additional point : I have no details about the deal (for food) made with the participants but at some time, I was informed that I will be receiving something to eat for lunch…

Cool! Yeah, I did receive it, but nearly after 1pm!
Please note : normally, my lunch time is noon, and you?

“Vive marsan dal pourri enbas la boutik!”

I hope that the guys take these comments as some of the areas of improvement for their next ‘fair’. The aim of this post is to point out a few things which should/should not be in an official fair…

Finally, it was nice to meet Chaya, Sundeep and Tushal (I mentioned his name to get more comments)

So people, were you aware of the Unitech? How did you find it?

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  1. LOL @ “I mentioned his name to get more comments”

    Well, the Unitech 2010 was a BIG FAILURE.
    First, the Unitech was advertised as a Job fair + Lan gaming competition. But guess what? Out of 8 pc, only 2 were working. The others were DEAD(BSOD). The organizing committee told me that the pc will be repaired by Saturday. But today, Monday, the PCs were still RUBBISH.

    Was this a job fair? #fail
    MTML STAND advertising its product. MSI doing the same thing. Is that a job fair?o.O


  2. I confirm 3/8 pc were working for lan games. And that too, a friend installed the games on that. IF it were not for him, the working pc’s would have been GAMELESS(solitaire mayB).

    Was nice to meet you there.


  3. Ah l’annee derniere nu ti ena n stand ala ti p fer so laaa!!! Et encore n fois po ti ena otan visiteur mais kan m nu passage lor radio ti fer n bon pub.
    C kan m decevant kan investi toi dan n fair n pa see the real results ki ti p atane. Plis n moyen ramass kass sa 😛


  4. If you guys pretend to know better on what should be done at unitech then why don’t you give some suggestions? Why all of you say it’s a flop?

    Well, among the flops, you guys were present. UoM is afterall a flop i think.



    1. @Jim : I will simply ignore part of your comment.
      I think that you have not read the post carefully…
      Perhaps it may be useful to read in between the lines and use a bit of your brain?


  5. LOL. Met 2 DCDM guys on the first day of the fair and it was damn hot inside. As I told ya, you could have placed ads for mine presto and apollo LOL


  6. lacoz sa m mo pane vini 😛

    yashvin mo invite toi BPML Job fair sa semaine -> kav sa pou interesse toi plis lol

    franchement gaspillage sa unitech la -> en plis company bizin payer pou participer!!! – kine gagner en retours?


    1. @Splash : ene ti anecdote pu toi… lol.

      Vers 3pm parla, mone truv 1 piti organisateur p marser avec bane genre trophees… line kit 1 r ene compagnie XYZ, dimoune lo sa stand la dir garson la :
      “ki eter sa?”
      lot la dir li “ene award” or something like that…
      dimoune stand la dir li “to sire nu fine gagne sa?” avec ene air surpris!

      Zotte meme pas ti koner ki gagne awards et pu ki raison zotte fine gagne sa.

      Ni committee organisatrice ine annoncer ki ena award et ki sane la ine gagne sa. ti p kouma dir partaze bajjia!!!


  7. i have read the entire post. I was present there once or twice. I know its a flop. So why don’t you guys take some initiative to make it the best ever the next year? Why don’t you take some measures? Why don’t you make some suggestions to make it look better? Why just criticize the whole event?

    You guys organized everything and you’re responsible for it to be successful. IMO, it’s a shame. You can take actions but you guys just sit and criticize everything. Typical Mauritians…

    Kind regards,


  8. Enfin Yashvin. ariver sa. . quan ban organisateur pa fouti give 8 working pc pou 1 lan competition.alors imagine toi comment zot pou kpv fine tune sa unitech la. Enfin, big failure. comment mo ti dire toi. sa nek pou election sa.


  9. yep as chaya n others said.. totally flop thing! mine lasted barely 2mins.
    i went to the orange business sipaki stand and told them im doing my final year in IS. do you imagine they were offering me smthing like televendeur job? i just left the stand while they were stil talking (shit) to me. sinon zot ti pu gagne zourer mama.

    apart narien pa ti ena narien. lol


  10. @Jim Karter : I said it years ago, this event is purely a political thing. Just a show off which the organising committee can include in their achievements and also, to collect money, a lot of it!

    What’s the use of suggesting things when they won’t even bother to hear us? You said it was a flop, what did YOU suggest? Simply stop relying on others…

    And in a few hours/days, they will boast “Unitech attracted 40,000 visitors!”

    My foot! Ask yourselves, how many of the visitors found it useful, not how many visitors were only passing by!


  11. Job Fair != LAN games? Job fair != cinema? If they want to improve they should start by not training gamers and movie watchers. I dont think serious companies would recruit those anyway.. @jim karter. Why r u defending the fake ‘job fair’? Any vested interest(s)?


  12. @Jim Karter—>When I went to give Yashvin a visit, I even counted the number of visitors for the whole duration I was there. Can you guess?
    Mo dire toi. ti ena plis ban ceki participants ek organisateur ki ban visiteur! ! !
    I counted 8 visitors excluding me and a friend during a whole period of +20 mins. enfin, ti ena nek ban jolie fam wearing black UOM shirts ki ti pe marche marcher. aprt sa. . . pa ti ena meme dimoune. .


  13. I’m an ex student btw pals. No need to worry about my comments. I hate UoM.

    I’m now self employed and i’m happy where i am. Such job fair thing doesn’t exist these days i know. Election is near 🙂

    Please ignore my comments.

    Kind regards,


  14. Yashvin I completely agree with u man, it was in fact a fiasco as it was not well organized.. the most exasperating was the atmosphere, volcan net sa man..i even got fever when reached home on friday n wasted my weekend in bed 😦

    B sema chance ti ena imper 35 in kav tir frais la sinon fit net..

    hope nxt time zot pu improve impe..


  15. jamais meme li ti 1 success sa unitech la… enfin, atleast they managed to organize something, but nothing past that 🙂

    …enfin i still remember the first unitech.. it was nice.. though there website got pwned right that day [anyone still remember the first unitech??]



  16. lol…. deman mwa ki mo ti ale faire laba 😛

    represented dcdm consulting for 1 hour from 3 – 4 pm, then sat in front of uom with a colleague to see the UOM students playing HOLI 😛 was nice :)… left there at 5 pm!

    last year ti pli bon!


  17. Hmm i was not able to to at Unitech and feel very sad… but after reading your comments and all, i imagined what i would have become after going there… LOOolz

    Thanks. This small news are somtimes very important… 🙂


  18. I was present on the first day and it was interesting only for CSEs since many firms were present there and got the opportunity to fill in forms. saem tou


  19. @Jim Karter…..my frnd …if u say zat UOM is a failure then u also u are a failure….on top u add comments n zen u say to ignore them…..mwa ek tushal nou ti parmi ban dernier dimoune ki ti koze avek yashvin sa jour la…..yashvin is right…this is purely political….someone from the student union was ordering “eski” soft drinks for participants instead of pepsi……Yashvin did u get ur “eski”?…..Eski to ti content sa jour la?


  20. tou les l’annee mem commergae lor coter job fair la …zis banne etudiant universite ki ena plisse chance pou etre selectionner…pou ene job avec ene simple qualication academique computer science, programmation ou web design…

    B alors ki fer pa donne la chance banne dimoune ki p rode banne job coter technique couma reparation computer ou ingenieur, administrateur reseaux..c injuste…banne ki bon dans sa domaine la.what those with a ccna/mcse/ etc..A+ N+????

    Aussi salut a tous sa ki banne etuidiant universite ki pou reconnaitre zot ki nek mette nissa bassin canard fer tam-tam ek si pa ki zesse!!


  21. Hello,

    Sorry to bother in the conversation between you all people. I introduce myself, I run my own company as Software / Web Developper and other Business related services.

    I was really not aware about this fair, was it advertised somewhere? If it was so, sorry since I didn’t see it.

    Now from all your comments, it seems that this fair was really a flop. But without taking anyone’s side (neither Yashvin & Team nor Kim Carter & Team) I would rather say that instead of each other telling each one to do it better next time yourself, it would be preferable for you people to join hands together and both of you make it better, I guarantee you better success, also i would point out that not enough research was done to make it really feel related to Technology and its latest trends.

    Gaining knowledge by asking from one or two people will be shared to many more people, this is how we grow and we walk forward in the world.

    Also was it going on till night, I mean in the dark, some lights would have really given another impression of it.

    And one last thing if i can permit myself is that i know the place where it was held, and i don’t really find it suitable to make it there, i would have been much better to make it at Caudan since the purpose of this fair was to show yourselves, then please make an effort to move to the place where its more visible. You want to share, go towards people, don’t make people feel obliged to come towards you.

    Its all for Mauritius we are doing all this.

    Thank You once again and i did not pin point at anyone in my views.

    But i would like to have your views and opinions now on what I said.



    1. @Chandan : Hello 🙂
      You did propose a nice idea but I don’t think that it will be something possible, let me explain why :

      As I mentioned, this fair is something purely political on the UOM Campus. It is only some sort of show off which has been going on since years.
      You said it yourself, there was not really any advert, at least not enough. IMHO, it is also a matter of money, paid by companies to be able to be present in that fair
      Personally, I won’t ever associate myself with the team, or whatever. For years, I have been witnessing their amateurism. How can an organising team watch a movie on a projector during a fair, full of companies which came to do business. What is this childish behavior? I don’t think that bringing them to Caudan or anywhere else is a good idea. I am ashamed of what they did, as an ex student.

      Well, hope that what I said make some sense 🙂
      Thanks again for being here and above all, participating in the discussion by giving suggestions.



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