The amazing path of Gelane

Nature can be so unpredictable, we all know about it!

Click to enlarge (Picture will get updated automatically as necessary- source – Meteo France )

Yadhav and Roushdat also wrote about the cyclone…

Have a wonderful week everyone !

5 thoughts on “The amazing path of Gelane

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  1. Quite worrying having those things wandering near the country. Thankfully being on a small island we only present a small target surface but you never know, cyclones are so unpredictable.


  2. Thanks for the link back. I actually thought that Gelane would affect Mauritius after looking @ the past track graphics but it changed as you mentioned. It’s totally unpredictable and even Meteo France had to change it thrice or more!


    1. lol. If Meteo France’s prediction had been so bad different, just imagine what would have happen in Meteo Mauritius would have gone through…

      Zotte ti pu tourne en rond 😛


  3. Clearly the 22nd-23rd should have been a bad weather alert. Cyclones are not that unpredictable I’d say. Just look at the past 10 cyclones path. There is a pattern. They form at a particular region and move south-west. After being south of our islands, they curve to move south-east. Now take into consideration that on the 21-22 there was a high-pressure region in the south-east of Rodrigues, it pretty much explains the path.


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