Why I didn’t buy a rose…

valentine day

You have been reading it a lot on Facebook and also on morinn’s blog, Valentine’s day is one of the most commercial celebrations of the whole year. While there is usually a decrease in price for gifts on Christmas or sales on practically everything for the new year celebrations,  “loving or cute objects” have an unexplained price rise for this day, the 14th of February….

Specially the roses! Yeah, on normal days, a rose is usually sold at about Rs20-Rs30 but the same thing gets 2 to 3 times more expensive!!! I am no economics expert but should not their price go down because of the high demand?

I believe that there should not be a special day to celebrate with your girl friend or boy friend… For some couples, the 14th February is an excuse to shower additional love to their better half… Fortunately, things are not like that for Dhaneesha and myself…

For example, last year we had an exceptional dinner on the streets, eating noodles and “boulettes” on the streets of China Town since everything was closed by the time we left the cinema hall lol!

This year…

It was again exceptional too, you will read why lol.

Since I haven’t met Dhaneesha since one week, I picked up her home early in the afternoon, as any other day. We first went to KFC and then to Star Curepipe to watch my cousins from the film Avatar.

Avatar ticket

As you can see, we are entitled to a reduced price, lucky DCDMC people πŸ˜›

Wonderful film indeed! After the movie, we walked to the parking, stepped into the car and you know what?

A car breakdown!


The car did not want to start! The battery was down for some reason! I called the towing service which sent someone in less than 15mins. He “re-boosted” the car’s energy by connecting its battery to another battery through an electric cable… Unfortunately, he did not have a USB connection πŸ˜› The car immediately turned on.

We quickly bought 2 burgers from a nearby snack and drove away to the heart of Curepipe where I tried to take some shots. Finally, I dropped her back home…

Oh yeah, I forgot about the gifts… I got hmmm hmmm, hmmm, hmmmmm and hmmmmm. Thanks swthrt!

And that’s the end of the story, without any rose… Ain’t I romantic? πŸ˜›

Nevertheless, here are some roses, directly from my garden. They are for Dhaneesha, of course!

With these words, my wishes again go to Dhaneesha :  Happy Valentine’s Day and to everyone reading this blog… Hope that you enjoyed yourselves, hopefully without spending too much!

As I said last year, everything is dou lol!

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  1. Thanks dou, I love u 4 what you are yashvin …. our love will always remain simple and pure…. no artificial decorations and no lies…. happy valentine’s day to you too…for us, we celebrate it everyday πŸ™‚ with our love and fights lol


  2. I have to agree with you Yash, why 14 Feb.? Probably the most commercialized day of the year. The guy St. Valentine has nothing to do with it and it is a myth by which the business world know how to get you to empty your wallet. Appreciation can be shown any time of the year. Being together for 10-15-20+++ years is already a testimony of love and commitment. We don’t need a red heart for that.


  3. People in Mauritius always think the only way to celebrate Valentine’s day is only buy purchasing roses, chocs and teddy bear. That’s the classic and lack originality!! However your way is awesome:

    “For example, last year we had an exceptional dinner on the streets, eating noodles and Ò€œboulettesÒ€ on the streets of China Town since everything was closed by the time we left the cinema hall lol!”

    who would have thought of that!?! Brilliant! πŸ˜‰


  4. @Fadil : Na, its my cousin sa πŸ˜› lol!

    @Dhaneesha : Thanks Dou, luv u too…. even after fights lol

    @Mike : You might agree with me, not all of the guys offer a rose after some years. Rose might become something scarce in the life of the wife since at the beginning, the boy friend offered one only to impress her…

    @Carrot : *cough* *cough*

    @Nitish : Yeah, it was really exceptional lol. We really enjoyed the “feast” on the streets. This year, it was quite nice too, especially with the car broke down lol. Hope that next year it will be even more exceptional (**wishing for something nicer and positive**)!
    Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚


  5. Lol, isn’t there an option ‘like’ around on this blog? πŸ˜€
    Ur valentines celebrations sound romantic πŸ˜›
    Well, lucky are those people who could celebrate st-valentine’s day 2gether atleast!As many of u said above, there shouldn’t be 1 specific day 4 celebrating and demonstrating Ur love 4 ur partner but still it’s got its specificity.Granted, many people have commercialised this celebration but hey its just one tiny miny occasion amongst many others when U could make Ur loved 1 feel more loved n special n see the whole world in pink or red 2, flowers all around, romantic music n couples holding hands!lol!
    N yea, love is 2 B celebrated each n every moment of Ur life people not on a specific day but 4 those who happen 2 forget abt its significance, St-Valentine’s Day might be a reminder for them na?


  6. y u keep mentioning the fights?? i get the impression u fite a lot – what remains is that u post an article on ur fights . suggestion why dont u do a historic of all ur fights.


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