How much do you pay for your haircut? :P

Time to get this article out of the draft section 😛

So, the question of the day :

How much do you pay for your hair cut?

Incredibly, for the little hair I have, I pay only Rs25… What about you?

Wanna save money? Here’s a tip


Shave your head or cut it ultra short… Nearly 2 months since my last visit to the hairdresser!

Bon weekend to all of you 😉

46 thoughts on “How much do you pay for your haircut? :P

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  1. lool :P..wel i dunt pay any money 2 get a aunt does it all free 4 me..can always count on her :P..hv been dng soo since i was kiddo :P..*2 Gud* haha


  2. ca meme tou zot payer ?
    me I pay Rs 125 for a hair cut. previous hair dresser was claiming Rs 200 for a normal hair cut. (was Rs 175 before he installed A.C in the hair saloon)


  3. huh i get it done for a strict minimum AU$175….damn 😦 …tats wiv a blow dry as well…there are places in here tat charge u $10 extra on top of ur cut to dry ur hair if u just had a shampoo..i mean come on dude u just had a shampoo ..u need ur hair dry to get out yet they will charge u …grrrrrr …..i miss mru in these instances a bit more…


  4. £6.50 at the local barbers.It keeps going up, even for students. Need it cut every 3 weeks/ month. At least it’s not as much as the ladies hairdressers, I don’t think my sister has ever paid under £100.
    Last time I was in Mauritius I paid Rs50.


  5. LOL love that photo Yash, the expression says no hope… Well I pay Rs50 per month since I have very little left on my head the barber has an easy job so my opinion is that I should get a discount.


  6. Bon si coupe cheveux enba pied paye Rs15, si dans Salon(No AC) Rs50,
    Saloon with AC Rs60, dans Jhumbo Rs300 etc LOL

    Hé mo p rapel n zafair ti arrivé kot coiffeur! Chaque fois li coupe mo cheveux li pose mwa mem mem questions… Mo dir li “hey to ti demande mwa mem zafair la fois passé(ene sourire ironik en mem temps)”
    Ayo mone fer malheur mone ale dir li sa…Hey li coumence coupé brite..
    Avant li fini coupé li risse so peigne…Bel souffrance sa…
    Apres pa bizin dir kine arrivé, mone aret ale laba


  7. tiouuuuuuuuu RS25..!!!! taheyyyy mwa mo bizin paye RS75 pu taille mo cheveaux 😦 economie to fer la..!!! par hazard to pa al taille to cheveaux cot tailler tw lolzzz 🙂


  8. Mwa mone buy 1 tondeuse,depuis plus de 7 ans maintenant mo pas paye coifeur.Mo coupe pou mo frere lerla li coupe pou mwa,mo save about Rs200 par mois alors ki mone buy sa tondeuse la Rs350.Nice pas nice sa


  9. Bye Wahab pran Rs 50 , enn ti zenes apel Ti Kwafer [ so vre nom pa kone] pran Rs 25 kan li pa pe arpent kirpip . Si pa zwenn ar sa de la , bizin al kot Guran impe pli lwin .

    Laba bann dimounn li pa kone li dimann zot komye zot habitye peye.Seki dir, li dir pey sa mem .Enn zour bizin sey dir li Rs 10 .

    Sort enn l’enterma enn fwa , fini pous diab [dan lendrwa nou al dan tou lenterma pou pa les okenn diab fer nik !] mwa ek 2 kamwad tromp l’addres , ti kwar tabazi nou rant enn kwafer . Weey! 3 lakoup ,Ton !

    Enn kamwad ,Rajend , ti impe pli dan l’espas . Nou dir kwafer tir so moustas . Ler pe tay mo seve ,mo pe tyek li dan laglas .
    Li’nn assize pe get fiks , pe sey rapel enn figir li kone .

    Ler li realize , li mem ki dan laglas ,fode get Rajendra kouma naze 4pat pou rod so moustas .


    Dan bann l’anne 70 ,en France , enn ton rant kot enn kwafer li dir li tir so labarb net .Ler fini raz li ,kwafer la trans so lagorz ,li mor en plas . Selma pa ti kapav met okenn kaez kont kwafer la e li ti kontign viv lib .

    kifer? Plizyer banane avan sa , dan lendrwa kot kwafer la ti reste enn dimounn ti disparet e lanket lapolis ti konklir ki li ti’nn touy sa dimounn la . Li ti al kondane pou sa e dan prizon li ti aprann kwafer .

    Sa dimoune ki disparet la mem ki ti vinn tir labarb kot li . La lwa franse dir pa kapav kondann 2 fwa pou mem krim .

    Tansyon lagorz kot kwafer !


  10. For the last 10 years was with a HairDresser who is now charging Rs 50, The issue is that he is now so taken up that i need to wait for something like 1 hour+ once there. So I go to Jumbo @ Coiffure Sebastien. The rate is affixed there


  11. Lor sa-oussi ena blog asterr…?
    Tann-dir dan la-vil, li koutt pliss-ki 100 roupi, bien moinss en-déor.
    Bein, si zott vraiment envie ferr economi, aster enn tondez, bzzzzzzzzz, zero roupi par mois.


  12. ii can’t even say how much i pay 😛 imagine a simple cut for Tasya costs mine with the shampoo, the color (yep my white hair)…then the brushing… 😦


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