Télédon Haiti – Wrong bank account number on the web!

After watching the news journal, I quickly googled to get the bank account numbers for the Haiti fund. However, I was surprised to notice that there was 2 different bank account numbers for MCB.


To be more precise, grandbaie.mu mentioned the following account num 017114353 for MCB while the correct one is 017114535. I was quite confused and called the hotline service to be sure!

The person at the other end confirmed to me that the good account numbers were the following :

MCB : 017114535

SBM : 61030100045336

I sincerely hope that nobody read that page and donated to the wrong number, and if ever, the owner of the account transfers the money collected to the real account number.

UPDATE (5mins after publishing article) :

I just called MCB and the customer care checked the account number and fortunately it is not that of an existing bank account number!!! Also, I had written MBC instead of MCB in haste to get this post published asap. Sorry for that error, typo again but at least, it did not lead to confusion.

<– end of update –>

As for me, I will be mailing the person responsible to notify them of the enormous error they introduced and how that mistake could cost loads of money! I will also try to contact MCB to notify them of this error.

I don’t know about you but I find this error definitely UNACCEPTABLE!


Let me remind you, you can also contribute by sending an SMS to 8986 with the words “Haiti”. Each SMS = Rs10 donation. At around 8pm, the sum raised reached over 2.5 million rupees!

With these words, I just confirmed the bank fund transfer (+ the sms) for my personal contribution to the fund.

Please share the word and help this country…

8 thoughts on “Télédon Haiti – Wrong bank account number on the web!

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  1. Unfortunately, not a single penny collected since the beginning of this Haiti campaign in Mauritius… IN MAURITIUS… went to Haiti. Be it the Bank, SMS, etc.
    More than 15,000,000 rupees in some other pockets.
    Same thing for the Lotto.


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