Writing about some memories Part I

I still remember those days during which there were tons of homework to be done and most of them looked practically the same. I bet that most teachers still love to say “Past Exams Papers, page 7-30 for next week”!

On the eve of the due date, I had completed only those exercises on pages 7-12… Back in class, I (tried to) make the most innocent face, hoping “and nearly praying” that the teacher does not spot me for sending me to the board. So, I kept going through the pages of my copybooks from time to time, making as if I am pretty much busy checking answers 🙂 *nerd*

However, this trick did not always work!

Fortunately, life in uni was much nicer, everything became digital and a few seconds were more than enough to copy the assignments. Kidding of course!

Who did not copy his friends’ copybook or assignments? Raise your hands please!

23 thoughts on “Writing about some memories Part I

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    1. @Preetesh : sa foto la, mo ti prend sa dans ene classe universiter. At the end of the lecture, boug la fine ekrire dans entier tableau la, ene boute ici, lot boute labas. to nepli koner kotter ena ki zaffaire lol

      @Nussaibah : Copying is an art 😛 LOL

      @Archu : 6 months? Make the most out of it dear! Pas pu ré-ena!


  1. awww fortunately i still have 6 months of my uni life left :p yuyu… not ready yet for the big world out there :p loving being a student and even contemplating on doing further studies hehe. and PS i have never copied my friends assignment :p plagiarism and damn the person who created “turnitin”. don’t know if you guys have that in momo 🙂


  2. Moi mo enkor rappelle dans college tous les temps, mo ti pe faire devoirs et gramatin ena mo banne camarades atan moi kan mo pu vini, lerla zot pran mo cahiers pu copier devoirs.

    jusqu’a ki tuition homeworks also zot ti pe copier. ena la veille tuition vine lakaz kot moi pu pran cahiers pu copier….lolzzzzzzzz


  3. Ban vieux temps.. mo rapel devoir Admaths mo ti p copier…
    Hindi zamai ti cone ecrir mem heureusement mo ti ena ban kamarad bien genereux ki ti p amen 1 copy pu moi xD


  4. I’m experiencing these days LOL! But I do most of the homeworks except when feeling a bit bored. Nice series BTW! Looking forward to the second part! 🙂


  5. Ah am glad to see there are those who were like me – those whose copybook was taken to be copied 😛
    Though I did happen to copy from others’ copybooks at times – as a due from my previous ‘social’ help 😉


  6. Yashvin… That pic. Is it from a certain lecturer whose initial is SKG?

    I’m asking because apparently, the board looks exactly the same now, as it did then. Assuming it’s the same guy. xD

    (And the module still so very clear…)


  7. Yashvin….don’t tell me your biggest souvenir of uni is the computer networks class!! :P…. I guess the lecture was more than interesting and so is the lecturer’s ability to teach and his smile makes the class burst out of laughter!! 😛

    Ohh well…i still have 1 more semester to go and making a decent effort to follow the lecture. I can finally understand how this class ended up as a souvenir for u!! 😀


  8. @Nitish : hehe, that’s the only class in which we could play O/X or ville/pays/fruits/animaux lol and of course, the only one which I could take pictures 😛

    We spent our time staring at the lecturer when he asked us questions lol. Koz none of us were following the class.

    @Inf : I forgot his name lol, but there is a G in the surname 😛

    @Souraksha : Dans la vie, bisin share seki nu ena. Fodait pas faire hypocrite lol! Social work is good for your CV, do mention it!

    @Morinn : The worst place to copy homework is in the BUS! Pfff.

    @Carrot : lol. I just hope that your friends did not read your comment!

    @Yadhav : Keep tuned, the second part will be for soon, I hope so!


  9. @Yashvin: There is indeed a G in the name. And we still stare blankly at the lecturer when he asks questions. I wonder if you still remember his ransom-letter-like lecture-notes… xD


    1. @Inf : Not good to talk bad about the notes or lecturers 😛 Anyways, nice memories. In some yrs, you will try to recall how he politely ‘shouts’ to everyone to ask them to remain quiet:P

      “silence please”…. Nothing moves for 1 second, and everything goes back to normal 😉


  10. @Yashvin: Not to mention his wife….umm..i mean his Tanenbaum book :P..which we are given the priviledge to read aloud several paragraphs for an infinite number of times so as to share his unique network knowledge. 😀


  11. mwa mon bien copie devoir chimi mai en retour mon pret lezot chaier maths et addmaths…. mai the best souvenir c t en form 3 for home economics class test. nu ti 2 friends ti decide gorer.. prof 1 maye 1 ladan et pui li dir madame karishma osi in copie dan ti papier…. inevitably mwa osi mo deceive mo 2eme partner.. n we got cheating for the test in report books… was a shame but i reaasured dad the teacher confused my report book with sum1 else’s… mo comment en retard c parceki astr p chek ban post la 😛


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