What should the former president do?

The former President (1992-2002 ) of the Republic of Mauritius has been on the news since a few days. I won’t go into much details. I wanted to know what you think about what has been going on around him.


In my opinion, I find that he did a great job when he served as the President… Above all, I think that most people appreciate his personality and neutrality. I also believe that he is still one of the most respected persons by all. But I think that associating him with any political party will change the trust people had in him…

Have you been following the news lately? What do you think?

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12 thoughts on “What should the former president do?

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  1. The straight forward answer is – “He’s old and is stuck in his old ways! There’s no way I’m voting for that guy.”

    Why should you vote for PTR in the next election? Political stability & the temporary stop to “pa nou sa zote sa – c’est la faute a parti avan nou la.” charade.


  2. as a former president of the republic, he should remain above politics..

    some statements he made was wrong but check out the response of another former president Offman to his comments..

    and above all i don’t see why Mauritius needs a president a’way..!


  3. Well I never met the guy and he never invited me to tea. However, most people will remember him as a past president and in that respect neutral as far as politics is concerned. So I guess he would have a hard time convincing voters if he plans running for the elections. It would probably break his popularity. He is the kind of person that fits more into a human rights or social work. At least that is what he portrays.


    1. @Mike : Thanks for using the right words, once again. Exactly, he suits more as someone who fights for others, not for some political party. I guess that’s why many among us pay due respect to him and what he has been doing till now.


  4. as a president/former president, he does not have the right to get involved in active politics!
    If he does(for which he has the right to), he will have to forgo his priviledges as president. i.e. no body guards etc that are still present with him!

    simple as that, eh?


  5. Well having read the posts I c that u people don’t really want him to b in politics etc… bcoz u’ll lose respect for him… May b u people think that he is going 2 dirty his hands, right. BTW I think that he is the RIGHT person needed as a (future minister) bcoz he has a listening ear regardless of the community u belong to. His future political adversaries r afraid that he might b a REAL threat for them, so… He is a man of gr8 diplomacy & I think we need people like him rather than people like R.Valyden…


    1. @Guibs : Yes, I think you are right too. He will be great as the PM. MR Valaydene is a vo-rien! He won’t be elected this time, just as he wasn’t the last time!


  6. It would have been helpful if you actually put what had been going on =( Anyway, I think he did a pretty good job when he was President. But then, I was so young at that time.


  7. Honest – check
    Respectful – check
    Common sense – check
    Integrity – check
    Courage – check
    Competent – check
    Responsible – check
    Intelligent – check
    Minority group – check
    Wisdom – check

    Sorry, but he is not qualified as PM in Mauritius


  8. So much i’d like to say but cant! I’d better stick to the legal aspect of the thing.

    Sure, nothing’s mentioned on paper in the Constitution, but then, you have to consider the spirit, and not just the letter, of the law. And by my interpretation of chapter IV of the constitution, i dont think it would be proper for a former president to engage in active politics again. Kinda throws doubt on his neutrality while he was in office, see?

    Still, if he wants to run for elections again, then the decent thing to do would be to forego all privileges he was entitled to as former head of state, as someone rightly said.


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