How much money did you spend of firecrackers?

Welcome back to this blog πŸ˜‰

Hope your new year’s eve was better than mine… I slept at 22hrs and woke up at 8am, did not even bother to wake up at midnight to witness the yearly worlwide air pollution… And all of them want to see a greener world and blabla…

While some of us (like me) do not spend “1 sous”, others spend hundreds and sometimes even thousands of rupees which get burned away in a matter of seconds. However, that’s part of the new year celebrations and it would be diffcult to imagine it without the traditional “petards” which will continue for some couple of days more.

What about revealing the amount of money you spent on firecrackers during these last days?

26 thoughts on “How much money did you spend of firecrackers?

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  1. morpa ine asT 2 rouleaux : / sa aussi mo trouve sa trop.. mo kmpren to sone ene paquet petard rouge par tradition etc.. mias mo pas trouve le fun derier.. ou alors mo nepli trouve li


  2. zero sou mon depence…. XDXDXD nek mon get voison sonn petarr, mon ask voisin comier lin asT, li dir pa buku, 2000 rupi parla.. !!! hohohohoh


    1. @keshav : Ca c’est vraie. ene lot plaisir meme sa kant guet lezot dimoune so petard sonner!
      Pena tracas sipa ena la pli, petard pu eclate dans la guele ou casse p fini. To nek diboute acoter li (or pli loin) et to guet so casse envoler dans l’air πŸ˜›



  3. well i wish i could mai dans sa pays en g**** la pa en droit u need to b in freakin hotel to do dat ahhhhhh
    miss home n da crackerz 2!



  4. Well I can safely say that I did not spend one cent on fireworks. Just watched the free display in the area. Not really sure why people make such a big fuss about new year? For me, just another day in the calendar. Everyday is new year for me as I contemplate the morning sun.
    I wish you all a HAPPY NEW DAY !!


  5. Zero!!!
    It has been like this for the last 3 yrs.
    But i did wait till midnite to watch the crackers πŸ˜› & was lovely πŸ˜‰


  6. pou le moment mo dehors pou banne etudes and et pou l’annee pa gagne droit sonne petard ici… mo ti pu donne bcp pu reussi sonne au moins un petard cerf… enfin pas trop kan mem… mo ci pa ti p trop depanse pu sonne petard pu l’annne mais azordi mo mank sa l’animation la… quand pena un zaffaire ki conne so vrai valeur…



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