Making everyone your brother / sister on Facebook

Some youngsters are unfortunately turning Facebook into a joke. To name a few : Stupid quizzes, unlimited tags on nonsense pictures, comments on pictures turning into chat sessions.

A few days ago, I noticed another new entry into the list mentioned above.

Family members


Since its implementation on Mother’s Day 2009, I find that there has been much abuse, mainly by college students. Indeed, the largest social networking site added a feature enabling users to list their family members right onto their profile.

I believe that some people do not really grasp the word “family” and very often get confused between family and friend.

I have even come across some profiles listing over 5 parents and over 10 siblings while some 15 year old teens have tens of children! pff!


Come on young kids, Facebook asked you to list your family, not your entire friend list!

Do you feel targeted by this post? Yes?

Curse me but I do hope that the next year brings some wisdom and sense into your life!!!

This is the last post of 2009. Happy New Year 2010 once again! Cheers!

17 thoughts on “Making everyone your brother / sister on Facebook

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  1. No, I don’t feel targeted. 😛

    I think it’s up to people to chose what they do with their account. Facebook added the feature, and the users might as well do whatever the hell they want with it since their are no official rules and regulations concerning this. I’d rather be added as a ‘brother'(or ‘father’ :P) by an esteemed friend than be tagged into “Fan Check Photos” or those stupid Christmas/Eid/Divali/New Year/[Insert festival here] that encourage what I call notification spam.. 😉


  2. hahaha.quan mo ti dre meme zafaire. .ena dimoune ti maltrait moi. .btw yash mo snd twa en pic wen am hm. .en fam 18 ans on fb ena 63 siblings. .sorpa mari travail in bsn faire sa. .


  3. You are right Yash… It was better when facebook restricted only people over 18 years to register before… In fact they did have some sense to have only sensible people on facebook 😛 Now just anyone can register on facebook to make it a joke 😦 Pfft… Guess facebook really needs to review it’s ToS acceptance 😛


  4. facebook cest le mal du siecle:D:D non mais c pas mechant cest juste que des fois cest vrai que ca devient chiant .. pou ban tags hapy new year conseil: reply once and untag you


    1. @Dvil : Even if to reply once and untag you, mo penser to pu continier gagne notifications si kikene repond lo sa photo la, reste a confirmer.
      Mwa mo untag, apres mo send couyon(ne) la ene msg pu dir li ene ti moral, apres ene gros adieu.
      Lerla, mo delete li depi mo friends 😛

      Bonne nuit zotte tous, a demain for the last day of 2009!


  5. a coz samem mo pa lor sa bane simagri fescebook. eski mo bizin declare mo 3 fames et 17 pitis? dire moi ou croire. astere ena cousine p rode vine madame, ena frere p marier ar fam hindou, soeur p sorti ar etranzer, eski fescebook besouain cone sa li? kot mo la vi private? no mai dire moi ou croire. fescebook capave coz domaze dan la fami. moi bye gouloule ki p dire ou.


  6. Tushal bez sa cri cri mo dire twa:
    “en fam 18 ans on fb ena 63 siblings. .sorpa mari travail in bsn faire sa. ”


    Yash si ine bez sa cri mais indirectement:
    “zotte p trop faire?”

    😀 LOL


  7. It is a pity that they do not use the facility correctly. I am especially thinking about people who use Facebook to trace their lost family members. If Facebook options are used correctly they can be a useful search tool for others.


  8. bonne annee! meme si personelement mo trouV ki li meme kaka ki 2009 : / dans le sens c juste ene date ki change.. lol mo dernier tue lamour attitude for ya


  9. “some 15 year old teens have tens of children! pff!”

    hmm.. ki to pe fer lor profile sa bannes zenfants la toi ein 🙂

    Happy New year zenes :o)


  10. ҳҲКяšидҲҳ Lэ-fфџ-Lэ-pLџš-fфџ-qџî-эҳišтҲҳ says:

    in ler pou amizE dOw!!

    sO amizE kii sertii pren ha conte!! ena dimoune servii lii fow fun some for frnds n some for family!!

    zers is no restriction!! n fB pan dir naniE lOr haa

    nu bizn fir kii nOu kine invente ha sistem laa!!


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