Twilight 2 – Avant Première


I am not a fan of the twilight series, ditout pas!

In fact, I don’t even know what happened in the first movie. But who would refuse an avant première ticket to watch the 2nd episode of the saga?

So, fans of Edward and Bella (That’s the name of the main characters, isnt it? Just learnt it a few hours ago, lol!), don’t miss New Moon, now playing in Cinema Star!

Will this be the last post of 2009? Let’s see!

14 thoughts on “Twilight 2 – Avant Première

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  1. I know, people have different tastes, everyone is unique in their own way… but it escapes me how anyone with a penis can like Twilight… It’s like Hannah Montana, only much gayer! I can understand why girls would like it, but guys??


    1. @Yashi : *ouf* ene chance mo pas content sa film la 😛
      Some days ago, I did mentioned that everyone have their own taste and I added that I hate twilight 🙂
      I quote :
      “Of course, everyone have their own taste.
      One may love “Transformers” while hating “Twilight”.
      btw, I hate Twilight!”


  2. This movie was awful! This movie is for teenage gothic girl who yearn to see bare chest on big screen. The acting is shit and there is no plot whatsoever, more so like a softcore porn… but for girl. I hope i could claim back this 130min of my life. Since when do vampire sparkle in sunlight! Pfft, I think I’ll need a bottle of Green Island to down this god-awful movie with…


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