We watched “3 idiots” in Cinema Anand


The famous Cinema Anand of Triolet reopened it doors in the month of November 2009 after quite some years of inactivity. Totally renovated, the cinema immediately created a different atmosphere in the busiest part of the longest village of the island. Indeed, the inhabitants of the village as well as those from the neighbouring regions are quite numerous to go back to the cinema hall which was a source of entertainment for years.

I still remember those days when students from my primary school went to watch a few cartoon films, some sort of “outing” 😛

Yesterday, we went to watch the bollywood movie “3 idiots”, which is being played since some time. I was quite amazed by the inside of the cinema hall, especially by the amount of space in between the rows of chairs (See below).


For instance, there is no space left when I take a seat in Cinema Star, but in the new cine, there was plenty of space.

The room was equipped with brand new seats (roughly estimated to be around 250-300) and the quality of sound was up to my expectations.

On my way out after the film, I shot this which I believe is surely the old film projector used some 10years ago.

cinema anand projector

As for the film, it was superb!

Personally, I will give it a 10/10 and I think that most of us really enjoyed both the cinema and the film.

It was also nice to meet a few old friends there, for example Amishi ( & Co.) and Sapheena.

On a last note, I am happy that Triolet has got back its cine, making it one of the best villages of the island!

btw, the film is so entertaining that we will be watching it again tomorrow, but this time in Caudan 🙂

9 thoughts on “We watched “3 idiots” in Cinema Anand

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  1. Yes! Great! Li bon pou Triolet! At Fond du Sac si nou ena ene vieux cinema(Roshni) mais line renouvle ek converti en … supermarche LOL! Mo si mone envie gette 3 Idiots astere parce qui tone give li 10/10! 😛


  2. Wow! Cinema Anand was my first cinema experience (& definitely not the best one) back in primary school. 🙂

    Glad to see that the cinema received an exceptional renovation. Will give a try one of these days… 😉


  3. Its worthful to watch movie at Cine Anand now.
    It was in Primary that i watch my first movie and it was there itself.
    Aster pa gagn piker ek pineuse et ni ena siege en taule.
    3 idiots demain pu watch sa Anand mem 🙂
    Nice post


  4. Interestingly (for me at least…), Cinema Anand was owned by my uncle (I guess) 20 years ago who then sold it to someone else. I remember watching a few movies there, for free of course 🙂 , when I was a kid.


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