Is this a #FAIL pic?

Fail Bridge

While browsing Facebook, I came across this picture. I discussed with the one who hosted this image to know more details about the location.

What’s the use of putting a bridge there when there isn’t any need to?

B kiiii sertiiiiiiiii???

Wikipedia says :

A bridge is a structure built to span a valley, road, body of water, or other physical obstacle, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle.

What do you say? #FAIL or #WIN?

27 thoughts on “Is this a #FAIL pic?

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  1. This reminds me the bridge my primary school had built. No obstacle whatsoever but they just did it to “connect” our primary with the maternelle and the bridge wasnt even touching any of the 2 building, it was just there, in the beginning(the closest side to the primary building) of the maternelle field, but it has been heavily used by the kids tho 😛 but i haven’t been there for the past 5 years now so can’t really say how much it currently is being used…


  2. Lol. Mo penser ine fer sa bridge la pu empeche dimune glisser ek bez dan piscine la.
    Si zot guet bien, ena 1 lespace ki separe 2 piscine la. Si sa mouiller, ena glisser ladan.
    Architect la ti bizin prevoire tousa…


    1. @Ritesh : LOL! B mo diman toi aster, ki serti ena sa l’espace la? Si pas ti ena l’espace, pas ti pu ena glisser, pas ti pu ena pont.

      Sorry, mais complete #FAIL!


    1. @Diksha : Alo. Mo pena oken probleme pu met to nom et link to profile si to envie, mais mo pas croire li ene bon l’idée 😛
      If you want credits, just tell me here.


  3. sa mem ki apel arsitektir morisyen. Kan nou get par derierr sa pon la, nou trouv bann kazott poul de lix, sa mem enn ta apel kanpma, vila, apartma de lix… Ala nou pei fini ar sa bann beton nimport la. Fer onte.


  4. I would second the motion, this is a fail bridge.

    I don’t quite see its purpose and it is not even beautiful. Maybe they had too much of money.

    On Monday and Tuesday, I was at Pereybere and there they had a Jet D’eau in between pools.

    Maybe there is a rule about having some kind of object in between pools. lol


    1. do u think that all Mauritian architects had a brain-storming session to put that bridge into place??? I personally dont think so…


  5. I’ve been there. It’s a residential complex in Flic en Flac. Actually I think it does serve some purpose, because it acts as a barrier between the kiddies pool and the normal pool.


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