To santer, to tappe la main to meme?

The radios have been scheduling special programs since the death of the ex-minister James Burty David who died on Sunday 13th of December 2009.

People have been saying good things about the ex-minister, his achievement during his superb career and the different positions he occupied. However, some of them are praising their own career instead of talking about the great person who died during an official ceremony, dans l’exercise de ses fonctions.

I heard some of them saying that they were always by the side of the minister since he started politics and they did this or that for him, helped him by doing this or that.

Whatever you did for him, we simply don’t care! We are not talking about you!

We are not interested to know how you helped him in his region during the elections or how you managed his plans etc.

IMHO, I find it sad that private radios allow people talking nonsense and going out of subject. This is not the first time.  I agree that all of us have that right for speech, but please, spare us from your useless speech.

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  1. Sad to see this active MP going so suddenly. I have been following on TV and there is mostly positive reviews of his career. About his sudden illness during the official function: It is sad to note that in this country there is a lack of emergency response. I understand that he was driven by his chauffeur to the hospital. This country needs to develop an emergency ambulance service with proper equipment and staff. At the moment some of the ambulance services attached to the country hospitals are lacking in effectiveness. Unserviceable vehicles, unavailability, etc. There should be special ambulances for response to such heart cases, these usually have a portable automated external defibrillator (AED) onboard as well as a doctor as a member of the crew. The country lost a good man in the service of his people, very sad.


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