Price of dental care in the island

tooth cartoon

Who really cares about their teeth except when it starts aching like hell?

Well, I must admit it, I am in that group too. Brushing your teeth once or twice a day is not enough, regular visits to your dentist should help you to keep your teeth healthier.

However, those visits to your dentist(s) really cost a lot**.

** = depending on which region you live.

Indeed, the price really differs from region to region.

A few examples (Sorry for the use of creole words) :

  • “Pensement + Plombage” costs in the range of Rs300/tooth in the cabinets of 2 dentists in Triolet, but the same thing in Quatres Bornes or Port Louis can cost abt Rs800 for a “plombage” and “Rs400 up to Rs800 for a “pensement”!!!
  • Another dentist in Triolet takes Rs500 and higher for the same “Pensement + Plombage”.
  • Tooth removal = Rs400-Rs500 in St Pierre
  • Rs400 for a “nettoyage” at Arsenal.
  • Rs1200 for a “Nettoyage + Check up” in Goodlands.

You read it yourself, the price is really different and excessively high in some places!

cartoon tooth removal

Yeah, we know, it costs a lot, both the studies and equipment…. and perhaps the rental of the cabinets too and the “brand names” of famous dentists used in his dental cabinets by other dentists.

Anyone got more prices to share???

Images from here and there. Thanks to everyone who provided me with those prices.

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  1. It is a well known fact that many local dentists and doctors overcharge people who have medical insurance.This can only lead to a breakdown of the private health system of this country.
    These are the same ‘professionals’ who will also try all ways possible to evade tax payment(express article today).
    You then wonder what kind of oath they have taken…


  2. It cost me Rs. 2000 to get my teeth cleaned @ Dr. S*’s practice @ Quatre Bornes. That was covered by my insurance. I get dental coverage.

    I also paid Rs. 500 (not covered this time) for a tooth extraction @ Dr. M*’s practice @ St. Paul. To be fair, the doctor did it at 21:00 and I am thankful to him. Had I gone to the hospital @ 21:00, I would have had to wait till the next day.

    Back in 2002, I spent Rs. 26000 on teeth braces @ Dr. Y*’s practice. It was worth it though.

    Sometimes, we choose to which practice to go to based on testimonials from other patients, regardless of the prices.

    [Names moderated by Yashvin – Don’t want anyone to sue me lol ]


  3. mo dentiste in dir mwa ki li prefere au chomage ki ena patient cuma mwa :p wei c’est vrai ki li cher mai mo prefer al kot n dentiste
    ki al lopital


  4. Cheapest rate in Mauritius = in hospitals and dispensaries for free! 😛
    Yes!, and I heard that the service quality they are giving nowadays have increased and the equipments are quite geeky too. And the caravans one are even more geeky too(they came to my school and “repaired” my tooth really well!) No complains! 😛 And tous dokteurs pareil nek place sanze! 😛


  5. GOing to hospital to have teeth removed?Ha..

    I have no idea how much I pay for a tooth removal or to clean teeth. It’s my mum who settles the bills. I visit, infact still visit, the same dentist since…more than 10 years..


  6. I think U guys should check the cost of Becoming a dentist Before u start writing anything on this Post….

    Compare the cost of studying Bachelor of Dental Science in


    Then try to see where the dentists from the the different region has studied

    In Australia it’s more than 1 Million rupees for tuition fees per year now multiply this by 5years..

    and in in India or Russia it may be 500,000 to 1,000,0000 for the whole 5 years..

    And u shud also check about the quality of traetment being done… ANd hygiene also…

    Go the ones u can afford… and don’t complain…



  7. Like Yadhav said: try using the dispensaries, its free. My wife went to the dispensary in La Caverne and the dentist there does a good job. In fact it has a very good reputation with the local people.


  8. Last year i paid Rs 1100 for cleaning and plombage. Its a dentist in vacoas.

    @ Yadhav I guess you are joking by saying that the gov dispensaire delivers quality services. Well before going to the private dentist I went to the Castel dispensaire. The atmosphere alone give u the goose bumps. I waited 45mins without seeing my turn coming so i prefered to get out of there.


  9. Aber laisse li pourri .. hahahaha kan ine fini pourri ava zette la machoire la em hahahaha lolzz..
    rs700,000 sa lespece chaise la ek so bane ti trucs la ! .. lors la pres rs1.8million pou aprane abroad … parski dentistry degree in mauritius la pena valere sa ! lolz.. hahaha meme bane association dentiste pa p rode accepter sa lastly !!


  10. mo pas ti meme kner kave ale lhopital opour les dents moi : / jen apprends des trucs.. mon dentiste prend entre 500-900 pour plombage+pensement et 700-800 pour netoyage .. le chekup est compris


  11. Does anyone have the tariffs for Apollo Bramwell? I think that it was on some newspaper but I lost it. The website doesn’t help much.


  12. For dental check up and cleaning it is best to go to the govt. hospitals.. since it is free and you can afford to wait for an appointment. where as for emergencies.. i would recommend private dentists. too bad we have to pay the price for being negligent.


  13. Wot abt orthodontic treatments( braces,teeth alignments etc…)??? In mru it costs us bout rs 32,000- rs 40,000 …my dad is already freakin’ out..i even got a fren who paid bout rs 46,000 for her treatment..welll the best way to for dentists to make money is orthodontia..or maybe teeth transplantation also


  14. Dentist in quatre bornes are really money minded. First they will ask you : ” Ou dan kit l’assurance?” then , they make you pay enormous bills! One thing which I will really like in Triolet after marriage….dentist…lol


  15. umm

    i did a mini surgery to remove a wisdom tooth at Rs700..

    Nettoyage at around Rs500

    Pansement-Plombage – 250-300

    The prices r for different doctors at Flacq


  16. Yeahh guys we agree with all comments and statements..but one thing is clear in govt u cant imagine de can giv a personal care coz they hav to see many many patients.So if u have a good private clinic or cabinet which is affordable then u need not worry.

    I tried one new only dentist at paloma Dr.M* practice B* SMILE @Quatre Bornes That was wonderful experience, very gentle staff, very clean and hygienic.Dr he explained each and every minute details practcally and visually very Down to earth and friendly.
    He dont charge fix I did cleaning + polishing 800, fair enough, he didnt charge any consultation..I am still continuing for my plombage white laser teeth colored very esthetic, painless treatment, as if he has magic in hands.I reffered my family and many friends colleagues the feedback is excellent..Top Quality I must say m very satisfied and happy and totally affordable.I do not have insurance but for my friend also even insurance he charged same. They provide all kind of treatments at very very affordable price, i was surprised in Quatre Bornes difficult to find such affordable.

    Once you must try You wont regret Total technology with pleasent surrounding interior


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