1st ebay purchase = My Camera Nikon D5000!


Yes! Yes! and Yes! I have finally got my first DSLR, a Nikon D5000!!!

I waited so much. Months elapsed since I decided to go for a new camera. Weeks since I have been checking ebay for the best deal. Days since I have been longing to hold it in my hands. And finally, only a few hours elapsed since I completed all formalities to clear it through the customs…

Choosing the right camera was pretty tough. But the Nikon D5000 won over the Canon 500d, only a few hours before the purchase.

My first ebay purchase!

I really made a big step forward by buying the camera right from ebay, using paypal.


The experience with the ebay seller was nice, and I trusted the whole system set up on ebay for the protection of buyers. The camera was shipped less 2 days after the purchase, and it took only 4 days to reach the island… Yes, only 4 days from New York to Mauritius!

Yesterday, I went to the Parcel Office in Port Louis at 815am, excited like a little kid !!! I have been talking so much about this camera!

I handed my card over to the guy there and the parcel was brought to me. It was HUGE! A Mauritius Revenu Authority (MRA) officer started to check the papers and I was told that I had to hire a “Courtier Maritime” to be able to clear the package through the customs.

Mo pas pu cpv gagne mo parcel azordi?” I said sadly…

Non, akoz so valeur trop fort, ena lezotte procedures. Bizin ene Courtier Maritime” said the officer.

For a few seconds, part of my dreams shattered… No camera for today… Anyway, I was glad to see the package in front of my eyes… It did not land in Mauritanie, as a few of my colleagues feared.

I called my cousin (Thanks Kiran!), he contacted his “courtier” and a few hours later, I filled some papers and paid the guy for his services. He made the necessary quickly and today he called me. Everything was ready, the package can now be collected!

At noon, we went to the post office, waited some minutes for another MRA officer to open the parcel, check all the papers and before 1 pm, I was out of the post office, happy and excited, carrying the huge box in my arms!

As promised, I met Dhaneesha immediately so as to be able to take the first picture. She wanted to be in the first one! Once parked in Champs de Mars, I un-boxed the camera, fixed the lens to the camera and shot the first 5 pics.

Unboxing the camera!

We were breathless with the result!

Back to work, I was impatient to shoot more pics. Later in the evening, I picked up my sister, drove home quickly and took a closer look at the camera, the accessories and the ‘gifts’ in the package.

I am in love In fact, all of us are in love with the camera!

The cost…

This is the bitter part of this post… And I am sure that most of you want to know how much I invested. The camera did cost a lot, but it is much cheaper than those displayed in a few shops in Mauritius.

I bought the camera here at $719. Included in the deal : A 18-55 VR lens, 8Gb memory card, a bag, an extra battery, a card reader, a cleaning kit among others. The shipping cost a total of $98 (including insurance).

Included in the deal

Once the parcel reached Mauritius, I had to pay 15% VAT (Approx Rs3800) and as mentioned above, I had to pay Rs1200 to the “Courtier Maritime”.

So, the total cost is approx Rs30,000!!! I am mad, yes I know!

Now that I have my new camera, I need to sell my Fujifilm S5600 asap to cover part of the costs ๐Ÿ˜› I will write another article soon about the details.

As I said earlier “Pu sa prix la, camera la ena interet tire zoli fotos! tvr!”

A few pics taken on Day 1

Writing this article


Car deco

The post is pretty long, isnt it? I am so excited and tomorrow will be my first day out with my D5000!

And this is only the beginning!

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  1. SAB

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    STP…its urgent…thnx….


  2. @shrav to ena chance 18 ans ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    To fer moi plorer ….. mo pas cav cashout mo cash ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


    Bez sa……. La mo bizin gagne 1 motherboard ….. morpa pou bez moi si li coner mo ggne cash online lolz……..


  3. @yash werwer mo encoler to pa laisse moi spam….. lolzz

    anyway man fer 1 topic lor warez ๐Ÿ˜‰

    mo ti emvi coner combiem moriicien conten warez xD


  4. Great buy. I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun. I’ll suggest to offload your 18-55 VR lens on ebay and replace it with a 18-200VR lens (you’ll need a bit more cash). You’ll never look back.

    BTW, I’m an amateur. I live in London and mainly on the island for a wedding (not mine!). I came across this blog whilst searching for Nikon camera prices in Mauritius. The reason why I’m looking for camera prices is because someone wants to buy my Nikon. I have a D50 + 55-200VR lens + Circular Polarizer Filter. At the wedding, the photographers urged me to sell the gear to them. Any idea how much I should ask for?


    1. @Ajay: 18-200VR. that will cost a bit. Quite difficult to invest more thousands into the camera, but in some months time, I will most probably think abt it.
      Its a bit difficult for me to give you a rough estimate, but I can try to ask a friend to reply to your question.
      Keep checking this section, I will try to contact him during this weekend.

      Thanks for your visit here.


  5. @Yashvin Thanks a lot.

    Yeah, the 18-200VR will cost you an arm and a leg.

    As you seem very passionate about photography, let me suggest a great site that will give you hours of fun:

    It’s all about flash lighting. Given the beautiful landscape around the island, I’m sure you’ll find some gorgeous backdrops for flash lit shots. You can get some relatively cheap flash from e-bay (no ttl) and some remote flash triggers.
    And if you want to diy some flash gear, check out this site:

    Look forward to hear from you regarding the price estimate.
    ps: btw, great blog! gave me the incentive to restart writing my blog ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. @Ajay : I just had a talk with my friend.
    He found your lens more interesting than the D50 but since you already have a client for your package, then selling them won’t be a problem.
    He roughly estimates the whole package at Rs20k because the D50 has lost its value especially with the introduction of new models like the D3000 and D5000.

    btw, a little advert for him, check out his flickr here.

    Bon weekend!


  7. @Thanks Yashvin. I guess for that price I’ll keep the gear. The lens itself cost me ร‚ยฃ200. The one advantage of the D50 compared to the some of the other Nikon DSLR that came out was that it has an autofocus motor on the camera body making the D50 compatible with old Nikon lenses.

    Hope you enjoyed the weekend. I did. I was navigating around Ile-aux-Cerfs on a catamaram. Lots of fun and lots of pictures!


  8. ah makes me remember the day i purchased my dSLR.
    was in Ted’s shop and man….. phiewww, lots of camera + accessories.

    wish we had one of these shops here ; )

    anyway purchased the camera + all accessories and only one thing was on my mind that day, the dSLR. unboxed it and was very excited when i attached the lens, put in the memory card & battery. switched on the baby for the first time and was completely lost with all the info displayed on the screen.

    shoot some foto on AUTO mode then battery went dead, had to put them on charge and by the time i checked what else was in the box, cables, 2nd kit lens and lot of reading stuff.


  9. Small. Your camera was small compared to the telescope I once bought from ebay! It came in two big boxes (shipping weight:12kg!). Of course I had to pay taxes but wasn’t told to hire a coutier maritime like you! That’s not normal. I’ve made lots of purchases over ebay, a few as expensive as your camera but was never told to contact that damn coutier maritime. LOL! Mo pa ti meme koner ki รƒยฉtรƒยฉ sa!


  10. Ah, Ok! I understand now. I was just very lucky that the seller declared
    my package less and didn’t get any problems. Still good to know about this courtier maritime thing.


  11. Ta hey…enocre pa fini payer mem…pfff mari decourageant pou fer ene l’articles vine maurice si to pane prepare tou sa cash la…


  12. Hi guys,
    Have you ever bought an item value above 1000USD (computer system) and shipped via UPS?
    Ti bizin al guet courtier maritime tousa?
    Any of you experience are most welcome


  13. @Nash :
    Thanks for your visit here and your comment.
    I haven’t purchased anything like that yet but I can tell you that anything above rs10,000 needs a “courtier maritime” to get it out of the post office.
    I am talking about Postal Office. You mentioned UPS. Please note that on ebay, they often mention USPS which stands for United States Postal Service, which is completely different from the rapid postal service UPS.
    However, in case you really mean UPS, I don’t know the procedures to get your item once it is here.

    btw, a question : Why would you want to buy a computer system and post it to Mauritius?


  14. @ Yashvin, actually i own a company here! dealing with supplier here is a headache, i must tell you that supplier sells at retail price in Mauritius and retailers sells at exrbitnt price. Some company imports from overseas supplier’s and sells at retail price in mauritius, through this way they can make a decent profit. I am trying to go through this same option and my new supplier only ship via UPS. For my first order i wanted to know how UPS clear these items at custom. The question arise! will it be profitable or not? Thats my worries for now. I’ll try to contact them tomoro.

    Thanks Yash, ur blog is very interesting.
    Btw another supplier told me that he’ll supply me with these items by lowering the value, lets say Rs42,000 to Rs9,000. Do you think parcel postal will clear these items at such low value? without crt maritime?



    1. @Nash : Any PERSONAL parcel imported to Mauritius below Rs10k does not need a courtier maritim. But however, u need to pay VAT.
      Sorry Nash, you are here talking about importing goods for business. In any case, you will be paying the price for business. We are talking about different levels here. There may be other procedures and amount to be paid.


  15. Firstly nice blog, really helpful.

    I had my first ebay experience this thursday, bought an electric guitar costing me USD 1500 , the lucky part is that the seller understimated the shipping to mauritius by 200 dollars but still sent it with no extra charges. Shipping is through EMS Express with tracking number online, item is coming from Japan, reliable seller.

    | asked the seller to label the package as ‘gift’ and include a fake receipt of USD 200 inside the package. But i totally forgot about the declared value of the package. I dunno if he declared a hight price or if you can skip that I dunno.

    I wanted to know if I have a possibility of evading the VAT? With the gift label? And did they check the declared value of your item or they simply asked you how much you paid for it?

    Thanks to anyone who can help me clarify some stuff. Going crazy here, watching tracking all day long.


    1. @tourette_guy : Morning… I know what it feels like when you are waiting for The Parcel to reach here. I practically refreshed the tracking page all day long me too haha!

      Unfortunately, I am not aware of any way of escaping the vat and other duties. I would be glad to know if “gift” really works, but one thing for sure, you will need to pay for a “custom broker – courtier maritime” to clear your item out of customs. The few items I purchased came with their receipt along, so they calculated the charges based on that amount, but if they find the declared price too low, they might challenge that by imposing the real price. Someone told me that he tried that trick but the customs overestimated the item and at the end of the day, he paid much more he had too.

      Do keep me informed about your item, as soon as your tracking says something new ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Good luck!

      btw, can you really sleep at night these days? ๐Ÿ˜› haha!


  16. Thanks for the reply

    Hahaha and yeah since thursday Ive been basically been up till 4.A.M just googling information about shipping to mauritius from abroad, EMS reliability and feedbacks from people who used it, tracking update frequency, lost shipmentm, refunds etc… which turned me into a paranoid insomniac till now :/

    However I found some really interesting info like, if you paid through paypal and you have a tracking number. In case your item never arrives, you have 25 days[approx] to file a dispute through paypal and you can refunded easily. [shipping with tracking info + paypal = more safety] 90 percent of people who filed a dispute and show proof of tracking info won their dispute within a week.

    The worst is that, its absolutely impossible to find fellow mauritians in the same boat on the net. Your post is very helpful as this is something I can relate to and there are actually a lot of people commenting and giving feedbacks of their previous experiences. Good job with the blog again!

    For the tracking with EMS Express, it actually said they shipped it out of japan the next day, god knows if the tracking will update once it reaches mauritius [lazy people here] or how many transits in between.

    By the way you said they checked your receipt, was it a receipt the seller included in the package or something marked outside on the package label?



    1. @tourette_guy :
      Great that you find this post informative ๐Ÿ™‚
      That’s exactly one of the aims of this blog, sharing things of my life which might hopefully be useful to other people, just like you. And it is false to say that “The worst is that, its absolutely impossible to find fellow mauritians in the same boat on the net.“. The proof : You are here!

      My sellers usually include a receipt in the package itself and when the customs check the parcel, they take out the receipt with which they calculate the costs. As a precautionary measure to avoid over-estimating, bring your receipt with you and reproduce it when asked. I don’t think they will believe in the $200 dollar gift ๐Ÿ˜› Well, it’s worth trying ๐Ÿ˜‰

      They do update the tracking almost immediately. For example, 2 hours after I collected my parcel, the tracking was updated but it might depend on the shipping service, perhaps they have different service levels.

      You are right about the ebay dispute. In fact, you don’t have to worry about that because even if the seller does not refund you back, ebay will take care of that. In any case, you won’t be at lost, be re-assured.
      Ebay says :
      We’ll contact the seller and ask them to resolve the issue. After 7 days (or 10 days, in case of international transactions), we’ll ask you how it’s going with the seller. If you tell us that the problem cannot be resolved between you and the seller, and your case qualifies for and is covered by eBay Buyer Protection, eBay will refund your full purchase price plus original shipping into your PayPal account.

      Link : http://pages.ebay.com/coverage/index.html

      My pleasure to advise and help you.
      Keep tuned to yashvinblogs.com ๐Ÿ˜‰


  17. I have been using a cheap $200 camera for a long time and can’t believe the difference this camera has made. I like to take picture of triathlons and the 4 pictures per second allows me to shoot several photos almost ensuring that I get a great shot. Video is also very good but I haven’t worked with it much yet. Now I want a good telephoto to go with it!


  18. Hey Yash, I’m thinking of getting one of these DSLR(either nikon or canon) and would like to know in which country is your D5000 made in?


  19. great!!!

    i wanted that camera ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    mai as a student who doesnt have >Rs30000 to spend on a camera, had to settle for the best compact camera ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


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