Avant Première : Lucky Luke

You guessed it the moment you saw the title and (again) said to yourself :

“He really shows off a lot when he goes to those avant première!”

Did you? Congrats, you are a regular reader of this blog 😛 lol

Yesterday, I reached home quite late after watching Lucky Luke and of course, a beer together with Ashvin and Jainkes.

yashvinblogs.com rating’s : 2/5 (where 5 is the best).

10 thoughts on “Avant Première : Lucky Luke

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  1. Jean Dujardin en Lucky Luke!!!! Non!!!! Blaspheme!!!!!

    It’s a whole childhood which vanishes…Lucky Luke is AMERICAN…a cowboy!!! Can’t be different in my head… 😦


  2. I like Jean DuJardin especially in Un Gars Une Fille and know his character Lucky Luke will not be similar as the cartoon one…I watched his interview for this film…and know will have a good laugh watching this movie


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