The last supper of Rama V?

Picture 1 :

The Last Supper 1

According to Wikipedia :
“In the Christian Gospels, the Last Supper (also called the Mystical Supper) was the last meal Jesus shared with his Twelve Apostles and disciples before his death. “

Picture 2 :

The Last Supper 2

And a few days ago, the Attorney General went to the Police HQ accompanied with his lawyers (and attorneys) in a 15-seats minivan…

You are free to make and share your own conclusions 🙂

10,11 or 12?

Now, lets come to the number of people who accompanied him.

Referring to l’express of the 5th Nov 2009 (yes, I am a daily reader), the title says “douze avocats” :

This blog post was initially written early yesterday morning, the 7th Nov 2009. To my surprise, while reading l’express dimanche today (yes, I read this too), I became pretty confused, again! On the same page(pg 11), someone says (I quote) “Onze avocats, tout de meme” while another journalist wrote (I quote) : “Accompagné de dix avocats“.


I am not a law graduate or anything, perhaps lawyers or attorneys can be regrouped in same category, I have no idea. Can anyone please explain me?

So, is it 10, 11 or 12?

Which is which???

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To l’express people :

Guys, I do not hold any grudge against you, but Mauritians are reading 2 different versions on the same page and a few days ago another number was mentioned.

Another incident : On Friday night, I read something on your newspapers and even blogged about it to express myself about this. Guess what? This morning, the title of that article had been changed! I had to update my blog article.

24 thoughts on “The last supper of Rama V?

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    1. @Sun : No, No… I didn’t say anything. U said it.

      @Yashi : Yeah, we don’t really care, but what about the information conveyed to us? Today it is about numbers and tomorrow it can be anything!


  1. I am struggling to see what difference it makes to my life if it’s 10,11,12 or a million lawyers… Do we really care about this? Because I thought we had more important things to worry about…


  2. @yashvin: We are not kids. We can find information for ourselves. We have a variety of newspapers, news websites and blogs. Not every news source is comprehensive. We don’t have a divine right to be fed perfect news with a spoon. News articles are delivered with such speed these days that there is bound to be some stuff lost, especially when the same story is reported on by different journalists.

    I think we are all adult enough to validate news we are reading. If you read lexpress and you are satisfied with the accurateness, then keep on reading it. If it tells you in one article that there are 10 lawyers and in another, that there are 11 lawyers, then do not read it. Change your news source.

    And just because lexpress confused you with an irrelevant figure today, it doesn’t mean they will report absolute rubbish in the future.


  3. He was accompanied at 10 lawyers. And including him also for his own defense makes 11 lawyers…Enfin, sa pe vin 1 soap opera nepli prnd sa conte.


  4. Yash basically lawyer n attorney means the same thing akoz tout le deux pu defend zot client n so on…
    ena 1 lack of communication these days mayB these jurnalists shuld b sure of smething b4 posting sme1 it leads to ineffective communication


  5. these newspapers are like this you get different versions everytime….
    now if you buy Le Matinal you will probably see that he was accompanied by another ‘X’ number of lawyers differing from l’express..


  6. Where’s Judas? LOL.

    mo ecrire en kreol la a coz pere gregoir dire kreol c nou languaze desclave ki nou bizin fier >> compran ene zafaire – piti la ine blogger lor sa zafaire la a coz li remark inconsistencies. Lexpress ena ene role pou li amener – li provide news impartial. li pa prend parti. li bizin amene facts.

    Ki faire 11 ou 12 ou mem 10 matter? B faire couma dire 2 ou 3 dimounes gagne rentrer pou assister dans sa linterogatoir la alors ki zote pa mem acocats? (pa le cas ici mai mo p just point to this fact.)

    De plus, li touzour korek pou montrer errors newspapers lor blog. li faire dimounes exciter et poster comment. “Profit!”


  7. kaver bannala nek inn debarker! bel l’impression sa faire! pa enkorr fini la, to pou trouv enkorr la!

    zournalist mem pa p kapav prend! sa kaliter banna avokat la inn scratch sa platine la, bel disque mo dir toi!

    dans cotter avocats, ssanter la ti “L’ile Maurice lever les bras”
    dans cotter la police, pez stutter, “Mauritius C’est un plaisir”

    waa bel melimelo mo dir toi!


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  8. I was exchanging with my taximan on this subject and we came to the conclusion that the incident was quite unique. You could say it is historical as it could be a first whereby an Attorney General is summoned for questioning by the police. You could say the boss being convoked by his staff. At least a rare occurrence made all the more colourful by the AG arriving surrounded by a “football team” of lawyers. I doubt that it is his last supper though, he seems to have won that round: 1 – 0. Maybe there will be a rematch?


  9. Rama is promoting Maurice Ile Durable – p servi “co-voiturage” lol
    1 sel transport pou so lekip.

    L’exemeple viens d’en haut.
    Keep it up.


  10. I don’t understand! You already hinted that you found that l’express was unprofessional in a previous post (la photo de la discorde). However, you keep on reading the newspaper and you even scrutinize the details. Mo pas finn meme remark difference chiffre la parceke mo pas finn meme lire 2eme l’article lor cinema Valayden dans caserne central.

    Who paid you to scrutinize and criticize l’express?


  11. Lol, very entertaining to read your comments guys n gals 😛
    I don’t know much about this stuff but would only like to add that the media as an agency has as role to give their best and as far as possible, accurate information surtout k’on les paye pour les infos but as we know many of the articles written in our various newspapers can @ times be of very bad quality, not verified, neither supported by evidences…so question is about the proffessionalism of our very dear journalists!!!


  12. Hi Yash! Lor Radio+ ine dir manque 1 pou fair n l’équipe football. CAD ti ena 10 avocats ki ti alé.
    Quand ban la fini zot dir la police ine faire so travail et perna aucaine case…? Mais c pas ban la ki done verdict ici, c au DPP ki bizin décide ca.
    Et n lot kitchose premier ministre dir” ki sanla dir ou perna case, ale geter”

    Zat’s our FUNNY POLITICIANS! hahahahaha!


  13. 10, 11, 12 lol..the media itself is confused my dear. This post is just an example, just imagine how many cases do exist already 😛


  14. @Bruno : Is it a crime if I find errors in a newspaper?

    So if a newspaper contains erroneous data, does that means that someone was paid to look for them or rather some people did not do their job well? pfff!


  15. Hahaha….. Rama p pran li pu Zezi “ek so 12 apot”. Li plis resamble enn mafia ki enn minis. Mars ek sipa komye avoka. pffff. La kestion est :sa ki pu remet emplas pu ankor 5 ans? Selma letan to get dans loposisyon ki ena, to repoz twa la kestion, sa bann la ki to pu met anplas pu 5 ans?

    Yer mo p get Informations ek piti la li zaze enn kalité wadire li enn kaser paké. Li p kozé kuma dir linn fini eli. Antule ka pa sann la la ki mo envi truve pu 5 prosenn lané.


    10, 11, 12 ou swa enn lot sif.

    Mo truv 2 zafer ki kapav arive.

    Kitfwa sa zurnalis la inn rant online linn fer enn search ek linn copye sa mem linn met lor l’express. (Li pa antor li yashvin, li zis copye)

    Kitfwa zurnalis la ti la ba mem. Kestion so matematik impé feb ek so lamé ena zis 10 le dwa. Kan bizin kont plis ki 10, bel douk lor li.

    Enn ti mesaz pu bann zurnalis. Paye pu asté sa zurnal la. Get your facts right. Pa nek koz nahin tu ku sak ku.


  16. I did not notice that l’Express did such a mistake (or is it?) in reporting this news.

    Unlike other people, i actually do care about the press reporting facts instead of “rumors”. If they can publish unverified and most important un-sync articles on a subject, imagine the harm they can do to someone (may it be a political figure, an artist, a friend or myself)

    They gotta be more serious. Mr.V could have made a case out of this, and could have easily get some millions as compensation for some “fictional” damage these article have made to his “honorable” life 🙂

    Nice dig Yashvin


  17. Weak attempt to defend the overstressed journalists : if you have five fingers in each hand, this does not necessarily mean that you are showing all of them at the same time to the same person. Think of telenovas, where there is always at some point a coup de théâtre and someone appaers from nowhere to claim : “I am the Da Vinci Code attorney of King Rama V”! Some prefer to be taken in photo from a special angle too.


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