Mobile hands free prohibited while driving!

Euh… I am totally confused!

Just reached home a few minutes ago, and while surfing, I just read the following on l’

hands free l'express

What? No more mobile handsfree system while driving?

And AS FROM TOMORROW??? See blog update below

I am confused because

  • How can a law be applied without any time delay or notice given to the population?
  • In which ways is the new law communicated to the population?
  • Is there any awareness campaign?

On 08 Nov 2009 :


L’express has updated their article meanwhile.

Strange, the title no more reads “a partir de demain.”

See for yourself here :

lexpress updated

This leaves us with the following question :

Should we always rely on the news there?

23 thoughts on “Mobile hands free prohibited while driving!

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    1. @Zuzu : Its kindda confusing!
      Thats the reason why I have saved the screenshots of the page of l’express 🙂

      If am not mistaken, lorry owners will have to equip their vehicles with those speed limiting devices before the above mentioned date.


  1. i dont understand…a law has to be passed though procedures…like voting at the national assembly…i havent heard of it recently


  2. This shi* is flawed.

    My phones have voice speed dial and voice control. They can remain in my pocket, while I dial and call. Who shall know of the frak I’m doing behind the wheel? More importantly, the authorities should make it compulsory for drivers to muzzle up with a wire basket – like dogs! Drivers should not converse with passengers, right? How about banning on board radios? Oh, the voice controlled GPS should also be banned! *yay*

    Next, phones = hands-free voice controlled GPS!!! How the frak am I going to enjoy my ride if I’ve to stop to check out my location every now and then?

    I suggest we all turn on voice control and keep the phones hidden in our pockets. If we get busted, we can always pretend to be unluckily afflicted of schizophrenia.

    Phones help us to drive safely while multitasking. Plus, frak “phones. ” Who uses “phones” nowadays? In a court of law, one can argue that >> a smartphone = a smart device = helps one drive = “not just a phone”

    (off topic – argument not applicable to the iPhone for it is a dumb device and any judge would throw the apple ‘fanboy’ to the pit!)


  3. hmm ive just read taht it was decided during the “conseil des ministres” this morning…i have to learn more about that to let you knw. handsfree may be defined in the section2(interpretation section) of the respective act as only those who do not have ear plugs and mics..i dont knw.. i need to check that


  4. hmmm ive read that for the 2nd february its is a delay given to the car owners t o adjust to the new conditions.. but i dont knw if they are only talking of the conditions like the new regulations about using gas, the new “plaque dimatriculation” and the speed indicators in the heavy vehicles or the whole thg…lexpress “journalists” are so well known for their professional way of writing 🙂


  5. I am even more confused.. How are they going to apply this law? How will they prove that someone was using, for e.g. one of those bluetooth earphones. It’s a small discrete thing and just wearing it doesnt imply it’s being used.


  6. [BTW ena n moratoire juska 2 Fev. 2010].
    Well it’s totally shit! Gouvernement li nek copier sa ki lezot pays fer… N sel zafer ki nu guvernement pas copier lors lezote pays c la paye pu ban dimoune. Li compare tout (inflation, resilience economi,prix pétrol, chomage etc) EXCEPTER la paye mauriciens hahaha!


  7. This is weird, most countries permit hands-free for motorists, the ban being on using a portable in one hand and the other on the wheel which is the cause of so many accidents. There seems to be a lack of information and communication to the public on the new law. Hopefully this will be clarified via the MBC.


  8. Bizin respecT la loi mais quand même, justice must be seen to be done. Ti mette la loi cigarette, zordi jour, garde pas p applique li. Lot jour là kotte la boutique james near UOM, 1 garde ti p assT dholl puri. Ti ena 1 boug ti p fimer akoT ar li. Li pne foutre narien. Seki mo p trouV moi, zotte pou passe sa la loi la. Garde pou rush lor tou simé ki ena pendant 1 ou 2 semaine. Après, ils se feront de plus en plus rare. On n’entendra plus parler.


  9. Lexpress Self-PWNED!!!

    Still, the bill should made it clear – “hands-free phones” are not “smartphones.”

    Hands free smart devices which sport phone + GPS + (whatever app/feature is out there)should be ALLOWED.


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