Rs100,000 fine for a phone call prank :P

That news really made me ROFL while listening to the radio early this morning and while watching the tv news bulletin a few seconds ago.
Yesterday, a guy made a false bomb alert call to the Police post and stated that there was a bomb in the Central Market of Port Louis. The police traced back his call, and he was arrested on the same day!


What awaits him?

A fine of Rs100,000 or a 10yr imprisonment! 😛

Bravo! lol

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  1. Tout zafer in vin payant nowadays
    wai c vrai ceki lin fr la c grave lin cpve panik dimune mai qan mem la police la p tro exagerer yash tne blier mentionner ena 1peine de prisonement de 10ans aussi pfft (better stay quiet n idle these days)


  2. yashvin..ti ena smthg lor news..enfin..journal..ti ena 2 or 3 coupe 1 dimoune coupe sabre lor chemin..ti ena 1 ta temoin ti trouve in cose parmi 1 la dan..guess ki li dire mwa..
    “aucune temoin pan ale station pou done deposition acoz sa 2 3 dimoune la pou sorti lor caution lot semaine ek si banla koner ki nu in done deposition banla pou coupe nu osi pareil.”

    please clap your hands..voila comment system legal marcher dan mtius..cokin Rs1, ou pou bez ferM pou 10 ans..cokin 100 million ek la police pa pou meme vin amerd ou.


    1. @Tushal : C pas la police ki en tort. La police li la pu faire la loi respecter. C’est la loi morice ki koume sa.
      Si zotte p gagne sorti apres 2 semaines, c la loi ki prevoir sa.
      Et c’est pas premiere fois ki ena sa maurice.


  3. What if there had been a bomb?

    The police and the bomb squad did their job.

    As far as the sentence goes, let him go with a heavy fine. The guy did not take away any life. He did not cause extreme suffering to others. He provided an opportunity for the folks in the bomb squad to show their skills. Sure, he did so unknowingly and expected to have a good laugh out of the prank. But are we not wasting time and tax payers’ money debating the sentence of a jackass? Confining him to his own home without access to a communication device for 5 months or so, should be enough.

    He is a loser, alright. There are other a-holes out there – some commit rape, murder, sodomy (still illegal in Mauritius,) etc.. who need to be dealt with.


  4. C’est la loi morice ki koume sa.

    Exactically! mais quand to passe dans sa bann procedure la loie la, lerla ki to ale konner ki eter sa le droit mauricien!

    Enfin, Mauritius C’est un plaisir!


  5. Bon Yash c vrai ki sa dimoune la ine fer ene chose tres grave! Mais mo penser ki la loi bizin aussi geter si dimoune la ti sou ou li ena n prob mental avan ki prononce n verdict!

    En tou les cas laman la pou profite gouvernement surtout. Laisse moi raconte twa n kitchose concernant laman! Voleurs legume cocain dan caro ban dimounes. Sa ban dimounes faire sacrifices veiller juska bien tard assoir et zot maye voleur en metant zot la vie en danger! ok

    C ki tragique ladan, ban voleur bizin paye laman gouvernment MAIS ban pauvres planteurs la pa gagne n sou pou compense zot d zot la perte.



  6. par ce qui mo pe comprend depi trois semaine kan mo pe lire la gazette, seki banne judge pe donne banne fine pou set example.
    kouma dan ca case la, piti la bizin paye rs100,000..alors, li ene bon example parce qui lot cout personne pa pou faire sa. 🙂


  7. This phenomena is now starting here too. This kind of prank is a huge drain on resources and a costly one. The penalty is in line with the seriousness of the situation. The message is don’t mess with your security services, one day you will need them for real.


  8. Am happy that at least the law is severe here…imagine tomorrow there really is a bomb alert and everyone thinks it’s a prank…

    Sick people…pfff!!!


  9. Mo trouve sa fine la bien justifier.

    Mo pas coner ki action zot ine pren. Mais en princip zot sipozer evacuer bazaar Port Louis, et les alentours. Tout sa ban labanque la ti pou bizin fermer.
    Lerla ti pu bizin al investigate si vraimem ena kitsoz. Donc c’est ene delit assez grave, non. 😉

    To imagine bazaar + labanque, laboutik, magazin pres ar bazaar fermer pu ene zour?


  10. Mo penser ine arrive lere pou ignore bane alerte a la bombe moris…Si to dimoune coner ki lapolice pou ignore bane alerte la, persone pas pou done fosse alerte. Seki ena pou faire peur avec vrai bomb si, li pou coner so apel pas pou faire okene leffet, donc li pas pou call 🙂
    Combien fois ine gagne vrai bomb dans moris hein?


  11. I know why the security service was pissed off…just imagine zot pena narnier pou faire Zot just ABCD+S=souler et sa malin in casse zot nissa… Coz sa mem pou set 1 exemple pou ki 1 lot fois pa deranze sa bane missié la..


  12. For this type of “False alert”, there should have been no possibility of avoiding prison. Guilty people should serve some mandatory months in prison plus pay a heavy fine.

    See The Hurt Locker to see how bombs are serious and devastating


  13. li mari bon sa amende la mo penC .. ine bizin faire evacuer marche.. ene tas dimoun ine bizin aret travail pendant ene lapse of time.. ce qui fait ki perdi cash .. donc li payer pour ca.. really good.. concernant emprisonnement li sur ki c pas ene emprisonnement ferme sa..parski li pas a grave la . my view. et oui la police ine faire so travail.. procedure c procedure.. parski sila police pas ti faire sa .. dimoun ti pou dire wer.. banla nek graT senti .. si ti arive ene zafer fami dimoun etc.. donc zot ine suive procedure..point bar.


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