Parseki dan poule, li meme expert!

Ki sane la

  • IN pu ene plan KFC?
  • Pu arrete manze KFC?

Pu seki dans 2eme categorie dimounes, ala ene facebook group (50 members n counting ) pu zotte, et pu seki dans 1er categorie, zotte koner zotte kot bisin aller!

45 thoughts on “Parseki dan poule, li meme expert!

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  1. KFC in Mauritius (like everything else), tastes MUCH better than KFC here in the UK. Especially that chicken burger! I plan on eating as much KFC as i can when i go to Mauritius next! 🙂

    [if we don’t kill chickens and other animals(humanely), wouldn’t they just reproduce til they over-populate/cause problems?]


  2. It’s been years since I had stuff from KFC. Their menu is very limited and the food is unhealthy. I’m not bothered @ of the KFC conundrum (to eat the bloody thing or not.)


  3. Oh boy… when will people learn, fast food is fast bucks… Heard the KFC chief say on radio that their first concern was for customers. The first thought that came immediately to my mind is that the statement was new because normally their first concern is PROFIT !!


  4. Their menu is very limited and the food is unhealthy.

    Kot marsan dalpuri si menu la limitE.. et manzE la pa necesairement bon… mais :p 1 ti dal puri de temp en temp c nice :D.

    alor such an argument tends to show a certain … hidden or incomprehensible hatred towards kfc… maybe the reason isn’t so far away?


  5. @Fadil :

    Peut etre ki depi tout le temps kant tone al kfc (si o cas wi), tone dir zotte : “Donne mwa 1 large boute poule ( = 1 large piece )”

    Man, leve la tete imper et check zotte menu nxt time 😉


  6. menu dans kfc:
    zinger cheese
    zinger cheese + pineapple
    zinger cheese + pineapple+ onions
    same for Rounders
    spicy Drumstick
    Spicy Wings
    chicken salad
    street wise meal
    chips S/M/L
    veggie burger
    ketchup sauce
    chili sauce
    hot devils
    large piece
    spicy large piece
    crispy strips

    ohh i can see how limited the menu is…

    and this list lacks still a few things!



  7. I prefer to eat at the KFC in Mauritius than anywhere else.

    Currently in india where there is more veg items than chicken in the KFC resto!!!! CMoN + the mayonaise is eggless…:S


  8. mo pa tro kas tete avec kfc neither akoz mo porte feuille : / mias sinon selven admit kan meme k i li VERY limited compared to other courntris..just like mac do kot ena ban nouveau manue ki en promotion for 1 month period or so in other countries.



    1stly – pas KFC ki entor… zour ban dimoune ki p al manz laba la si zot truv li unhealthy… ek tousa zot cozer la mo sire zot tou content manz 1 bon mine frire dans 1 bon ti snack… chek lacuisine laba avan cozer. ofait nerporte ki manzer vander lor simer kumsa.

    2nd – Its normal that KFC has a limited menu, they are chicken specialists, what do you expect??? u want them to be selling dall pourri also ??

    3rd – Im not defending kfc, but if you dont like smthing, and if its not causing u any harm if u avoid it, then just avoid it! No need to post loads of criticism when u dont even know what ur talking about! Im sure u guys enjoy a KFC from time to time, and now just because the NEWSPAPERS Published some stories, suddenly you are all so concerned about ur health. STOP BEING A PUSHOVER!! LEARN STUFFS BY YOUR OWN MEANS

    4th – i know u hate me. but i love you 😀

    thank you


  10. the only stuffs i appreciate at KFC are the strips/zinger and streetwize.. the other are really crap .. the chips are the worst you can get in mauritius… i would suggest steers/mcdo/missisipi/tropical/happy eater for better ones.. as for the last piece … i would suggest people to check happy eaters .. same for the rounder !! ..
    The devils at kfc are simply deguelasse ! ..
    The only stuff that kfc is good in , is the Zinger and strips … n those 2 are really unique .. haven’t eaten better anywhere..


  11. lool, i agree with what doorgesh said

    and also:
    Everything is unhealthy if you eat too much of it. The key is not to eat KFC everyday!

    oxygen is toxic if you consume too much of it!


  12. Heh mo ti kt mo kuz taler laa..apres n lepok mo ti p truv MBC p zouer lor n tv 😀 ti p gagne info..e guess..ti p passe sa boute KFC la ladan…n tifi la gagne pu dir “East or west KFC is the best”..

    N lot la p manze touzour..e p koz!


  13. KFC is (and was always) bad for the health *period*

    Its not because other food are as bad or worst that it makes KFC any better

    I’ve enjoyed KFC a lot when i was younger. I still have a KFC once in a while. However i’ve always known the adverse effects it has on my health
    Now I try to eat healthier

    So if KFC stays open or closes for good, it doesn’t make any difference for me.

    I’ve heard that the closing of KFC was a “Drame humain”, well people how about the thousands of people who must have died from heart diseases from eating KFC too regularly?


  14. During the last 3 days, I’ve gone to KFC…6 times. I’ve got to take back the weight I lost when it was closed. Unhealthy eating and junk food FTW!

    People can eat dholl puris and kebabs that are being prepared directly on the street, so why not KFC(with salmonella of course)? 😉

    Additionally, if that thing was so unhealthy, I’d be in the ICU or in my grave by this time. 😛


  15. @ Doorgesh:

    It’s up to people to choose what they want to eat or not n the end,

    but it is still FACT that kfc is not healthy. it is full of grease, full of fat, full of trans fat and full of calories. n the birds are stuffed with antibiotics before they are all the mayo n sugar-loaded soft drinks.

    it’s cool if people eat it, but at last they should be aware of what they are eating in the first place


  16. Hi….
    i would suggest u come to mumbai once and then define healthy/ hygienic food..!!! ive been here for more than a year, and seen so much, that i said to myself, that Mauritius is still too good to complain abt!!!
    as it is, KFC et mcD mumbai, mo aler zis pu boir 1 coca et akoz… i really miss KFC (crispystrips) maurice!!!! 😦


  17. To All great KFC lovers waiting in a “laké longueur la semaine”.. You are helping that company realise that you cannot stop consuming their products, hence expect a considerable price increase soon.


  18. moi in!!!! 🙂 i cant resist KFc, samdi as soon as in fer opening mone al case mo carem there lol…sa me manK grave!!!! by the way chk this out…i got it on my mail yesterday…

    Samedi soir, à la re-ouverture de KFC, fermé par ordre de la direction (dixit jeetah…) alors que j’étais à l’intérieur du fast-food, il y avait un groupe de jeunes au comptoir qui passait sa commande. A un moment j’entendis l’un d’eux crier : ” eta! fer moi gagne deux jeeta or toi”. Les clients se sont regardés d’un air étonné mais amusé car personne n’avait entendu parler du produit jeeta auparavent. Finalement, après avoir suivi la scène, je compris vite que ces deux jeeta n’étaient rien d’autres que deux “pilon” de poulet.
    Voilà un ministre de la république qui a fini par se ridiculiser à force de vouloir trop en faire.
    Aujourd’hui, si vous désirez un pilon KFC qui peut parfois paraître grossié, il vous suffit de demander “ene jeeta” et vous aurez le même produit.
    Mauritius c’est du plaisir. Amusant, n’est-ce pas?

    Written by Eric Gimbeau’ on his facebook wall


  19. LoL, kan mo get sa latest recklam KFC in meter la lor television, mo vraiment penser si dimoun kapav autan KOUYON ek BETE. KFC pe fer so business……are sa ban manzer unhealthy la… tombe lor pieze ek ba coumanse gagne trop confiance la dan…pli tard pa dir pa ti kone ein!!!


  20. fouf sa kfc la pa ti bizin ouver!!!!!!!!

    grrr r so ban tempting menu la, tro iressistible e mang mang poule p fer vin come boeuf grrr 😥


  21. lol i love wat doorgesh wrote!!!

    si zot ti coner ki ena politique la dans b franc toi…ki fer jis ler la zot tane dir KFC UNHEALTHY NANDOS DE RETOUR?? C PA NORMAL ..ALOR KI NANDOS JAMAIS TI FER FUREUR A MAURICE!!!



  22. @melissa – All companies like that .. zotte sonde le terrain .. normal kan li pa profitable.. zotte pa pou reste dans moris ..
    longtemps avant dimoun trouve cash pou alle diner dans resto .. li pa ti facile kuma astere la .. ek osi li pa ti dans les moeurs mauriciennes pou alle manzer resto weekend ..
    Maintenant, ena ene nouvo generation depi 2-3 ans ki p travail ek p divertir .. saeme private clubs/ discoteks / resto p kas paker partou ..
    Ek osi longtemps pa tiena em restorant .. astere line vine 1 zaffaire normal sa .. pou alle manzer restaurant ..
    Longtemps, dans port louis, le soir, dimoune alle kass poz champs d mars , manze sorbet .. astere 1 bon parti alle resto, ensuite kass poz caudan ..
    Saeme ki astere pou 1 resto kuma Nandos, li pou pli profitable.. longtemps li ti p batte lamok .. astere li pou gagne imper pliss travail..


  23. I’m veg too! KFC don’t provide a large variety of food for veggies.
    McDonald’s is suitable for them (for those who don’t have any problems with fast food, at least).


  24. > Mo trouve sa matte ki banla ine tire lor KFC koumsa.

    >> Zotte tout koner kouma banla ine fer sampling pou Dterminer ki KFC so poule impropre à la consommation. Sampling la questionable.

    >>> Mo trouve sa louche ki juste quand Nando’s pou ré-ouvert ki banla fer 1 finding, trouve salmonelle ek banla fer en sorte ki gagne 1 restriction order pou pas commercialize poule KFC.

    Pou moi, sa pas fine change narien. Jamais mo fine gagne problème ek poule KFC. Ce que je fais avec mon argent est un droit subjectif. Mo pou kontinier acheT moi.


    1. @Mike : Yeah, but that “discovery” was made outside Mauritius.

      And I guess that this is perhaps true at times : “Si moriciens pas truver, zotte pas pu croire :P”


  25. People are stooping soo low these days ! They would eat even shit if it’s branded !
    Even if you tell them thers faeces, cancrela, lizards in food! they still eat ! Surely, they have lost all dignity and lost themselves in this world where people are being feeded as pigs ! Just seeing the huge obesity problem ! Their chins and throat are becoming one ! which would remind most of us the image of a pig !


  26. As humidity is what cockroaches hate the most , I wonder how one these little monster found his way into the chicken to be cooked . Maybe he got help from a human friend .

    I think fried chicken – like kebab or pizza – is overpriced . That’s why I have it only occasionally , preferring minn bwi or dal puri .

    I don’t know any completely healthy food . Can any one make any suggestions ? I suspect dipin /vinday delwil ek zonyon , dalpita and macatia coco are not considered as healthy .

    From my bodybuilding years – long ago – when I was a dietetic fad , from my abundant reading on food content , I concluded that satini cotomili contained almost all the important vitamins and quite a few minerals .

    Until more precise information is available on what is healthy food , I eat what I like and have one or two weekly beer . I suggest everybody tries the same – [the beer can be skipped ]


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