A few #fail pics of #Mauritius

Web Site Fail

2 days ago, I got this :


Later that night, I got this one!

Site Failure SBM

Right Click disabled! LOL

ATM Fail

and yesterday, I took this pic at an ATM.


Lift Fail

A few years ago… in Uni


Curtain Fail

Again, in Uni…


Female Driver Fail



For the *silly* ones (who cannot understand the pics), she parked her car in the wrong direction 😛

Road Sign Fail

To finish this series of pic, here’s another #fail road sign


And we are living in 2009! 😛

21 thoughts on “A few #fail pics of #Mauritius

Add yours

  1. About the pictures of the female driver parking against on-coming traffic.
    Is that part of the Code de la route in Mauritius? Or is it just seen as silly because it may make it “harder” for her to get out?
    If it means I get the parking space before somebody else or it is easier, here (in the UK) I will park that way too.


  2. 35 la capav gare dan nimporte ki direction mais si ene loto tape are li. 25 la pou ena part responsabilite. Usually si loto A gare dan bon sens ek loto B manze are li. Loto B 100% responsable.
    SI Loto A gare couma 35 la, responsabilite 50/50.
    seki a mon avis total nonsense. loto la en place, pane bouze, ki difference li faire si li divan derriere. enfin dura lex sed lex…..


  3. wai do bizin wait for cash, ena dimoune prend card met dans porte feuille , ferme porte feuille , apres aller laisse cash lamem!!!!

    AGREE with Archangel_i!


  4. About “Right Click disabled!”… A lot of website do this to prevent people from stealing multimedia content on their pages.

    Of course, it’s easily bypassed if know your stuff. But the myspace generation would find themselves face to face with the biggest challenge of their teens with this simple “Right Click disabled!” trick…


  5. If digital camera was not invented, I think these pictures would not have been taken and you even put your watermark on it….lol.


  6. @tintin : Who told you that I am trying to compare my blog with the failblog(which I read regularly)?

    @???? : Cheers for technology and my mobile 😛

    @Didi : lol, I hope u told her abt the picture 😛


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