The “C’est un plaisir Trip…”

Started at 830am…

Nearly 250km covered today in the company of Zainab, Jaya and Mantasha. Yudish was also in for part of the trip!

Surprisingly, the amount of fuel used was quite low, much less than I expected. I think its mainly because we did not race on the roads and also, there was no “montagne pu casser” 😛

Our group

I went to Grand Bassin after more than 2 years and its only now that I saw the huge statue!

However, we didn’t see any monkeys around, guess we scared them! We had a nice time at the Alexandra Falls view point where we took some amazing shots 😛

The human chain

Next, Caro dithé( tea fields) where we picked a few leaves, for the photo shoot.

Picking tea leaves

We discovered loads of new villages like Grand Bois, Plein Bois, Malakoff and at times, we really got lost and had to cover additional kms to return back lol.

Since La Vanille Crocodile Park was nearly on our route, we stopped there but we decided to come another day since we were short of time.  Btw, the smell was really bad there! I also chose not to go to “Le Souffleur” as the road was pff!

We ended our day eating merveilles and glason rapé at Mahebourg Waterfront.

At Mahebourg

We truly enjoyed ourselves!

Finally I had to drop all the girls back home… Reached home at 745pm…

Still uploading pics, status : 74 out of 229 pics, pfff!

Update : Original map from [here]

9 thoughts on “The “C’est un plaisir Trip…”

Add yours

  1. Ton cokin mo map 2puis facebook..voler trip ton faire la..ceki pli seryer..c sa boute bassin blanc view 2puis la ba la li top…


  2. ah you could have taken the road tho’ le val nature park. it would have been an amazing view from up there :p a’way nice trip..

    i went to pereybere yesterday and i was tired as if i’ve just run like a mad dog. im no longer used to long trips now sadly 😦

    should get back to it 🙂

    oh btw the triolet by-pass road is on its way :p


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