Price of Petrol (October 2009)

After the Rs3.15 increase in price of Petrol and Rs2.65 increase in that of Diesel for the month of September, the Automatic Pricing Mechanism has reviewed the price tonight, which are as follows :

Essence : Rs 41.85 (Rs-3.35 )
Diesel :  Rs 35.25  (Rs-2.85 )

Damn it! I have just half filled my car fuel tank this evening pfff!

And since a few weeks, I am now a regular customer at Total, mainly because of their new lottery ticket 😛

Total Tap Plein!

9 thoughts on “Price of Petrol (October 2009)

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  1. Pff!!! If you really see the strategy, it’s only 2o cents less that you will pay this month…(considering September’s increase…)

    Same old BS….they try to blind us…next month it will increase even more and the following month a little decrease…same old merry go round…


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