yashvinblogs.com on Weekend Scope Magazine

Your (favorite?) blog on newspaper in this week’s edition on Weekend Scope since yesterday, along with that of Ludovic in an article about “Journalisme Citoyen”

You can read the article from here and add your comments here, as usual 😉

12 thoughts on “yashvinblogs.com on Weekend Scope Magazine

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  1. It’s nice to see that the press is interested by what bloggers do. This is a good interaction. And I would like to say that we did not asked for press articles, journalists contact us for interviews. For me it is the second time but in fact it is beneficial for all mauritian bloggers and this shows that what we do with our own means is news-worthy.


  2. Cool! They finally published the article!’

    You do have the coolness factor:

    Yashvin Awootar,
    Senior Software Engineer, Communication Celebrity Node within the Mauritian Blogosphere, Professional Photographer, etc…

    Rock on, man!


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