G.I Joe, Avant Première

hehe, as usual, this post is to “faire zalousie monter” 😛

I liked it!


G.I Joe, Now playing in Star Cinemas…

Bernard, film la pas ti mal 😉

14 thoughts on “G.I Joe, Avant Première

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  1. I did spend five whole minutes this evening trying to figure out from where I knew you. But I didnt succeed. Now I know…


    ps: as for the film; I didnt really like it. But had to be there (obligation professionnelle). Hosts are supposed to be there when they invite guests :p


  2. Is it worth watching? AFAIK from reading the papers, the special FX sucked. Why did you like it again? Your answer will determine whether or not I’ll watch the bloody thing. Thanks.


  3. I watched the bloody thing and it was overloaded with kick-ass action scenes which I liked. The special FX sucked though.

    Kudos to the actors – they were very good.

    I’ve to admit that G.I. Joe makes a better watch than Terminator 4. Star Trek remains my fav. movie of the year.


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