Photo (Accident) of the day.

Seen along my way to Flic en Flac with Dhan.

That loooooooooonnnnngggggg drive made me damn tired!

The Photoblog will be updated more often koz I took tons of pics today lol!

Have a nice week everyone!

5 thoughts on “Photo (Accident) of the day.

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  1. We really don’t know how this happened.We were just passing by to go to Flic en Flac and as soon as we saw that car, yash just took out some pics.
    :S poor ones, they must be really injured !


  2. @ mike: oh trust me .. flic en flac road always makes you wonder how thgs happen! it is one of the most dangerous roads in mauritius! you have stupid driveres overtaking 100m long tail of cars.. and im friggin not exagerating. ive even seen a man’s head being totally crushed by one of those drivers once.. it was 5 in the morning or so.. we were coming back from flic en flac


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