Mamad, ki to p gagner?


Don’t know about you but I like this awareness campaign advert constantly shown on TV.

For those who don’t watch MBC :
A guy and a girl are sitting in a garden, and the latter advises the guy how to protect himself from “you know what!”. Its all about basic hygiene tips for a better life. (btw, the above pic has nothing to do with the post, its simple the bench which is the common element lol)

And finally, only those who saw the advert will know what I am talking abt below :

hmm hmm, ah wi…

Je t’en priiieeeeeeeeeeee!

Better late than never (on the blog), Happy Birthday to Deepa 😛

Deepa's bd

5 thoughts on “Mamad, ki to p gagner?

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  1. I don’t know about that advert..Guess, I will have to watch MBC a bit to understand what you’re talking about..(ki ler ki montrer sa advert la??)


  2. Mamad is supposedly distracted because he is worried about catching H1N1 and so the first element for protection is washing your hands and later not shaking hands. What we do not see on the screen is that Mamad probably takes the bus home and someone sneezes in the bus and contaminates him…. hey so much for keeping your hands clean !


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