Une claque à ceux qui font la loi

Tout d’abord, bonne vacances à tous les étudiants de l’ile Maurice pour les 10 jours de congé forcés.

Hey oui, l’école reprend le 31 Aout 2009, mesure prise pour réduire la propagation de la Grippe A H1N1. Par contre, ceux qui travaillent doivent toujours se proteger. (A voir absolument ici)

Maintenant, revenons ànos moutons l’article du jour.

nou la biere

Le 1er Mars 2009 a été une grande date dans l’histoire de l’ile avec l’introduction d’une loi qui interdit la consommation des boissons alcoolique et les cigarettes dans les lieux publiques ainsi que la diffusion/l’affichage de leurs publicités. [Lire l’article ici]

Mais depuis quelques jours, une publicité se fait drolement remarqué de par sa simplicité et aussi le message (qu’il faut évidemment lire entre les lignes). Vous l’avez sûrement vu car elle ne passe pas inaperçu sur les médias.

En effet, le leader de la bière Mauricienne se vante des médailles obtenus et se positionne maintenant parmi une des meilleures bières au monde! [Le communiqué officiel]

Grand Bravo! Mais j’aimerai qu’on applaudit spécialement l’équipe qui l’a conçu.

A travers ce pub, ils ont brillamment su comment faire pour passer à travers les filets de la loi. Ceux qui ont travailler sur cette loi doivent surement être vert de rage à chaque diffusion de ce pub. Sans parler de la “honte” infligée, indirectement bien sur!

D”ou la phrase en créole :

“Donne zotte ene gros claque!”

Et vous, comment accueillez vous cette publicité?

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  1. So are you congratulating those who have managed to by-pass the law by saying “Grand Bravo! Mais j’aimerai qu’on applaudit spécialement l’équipe qui l’a conçu.” ?


    1. Yes Roushdat, I am congratulating them!
      Did you see that advert?
      If yes, did you ever imagine this way of promoting their beer, legally?

      As far as I know, they haven’t done anything wrong, as from the perspective of law.


  2. I really dont find this advert disturbing.

    One, i agree that phoenix beer is the best. 😛

    Two, The time at which the advert is broadcasted is reasonable.

    Three, Its located at the beach. Totally legal.

    Four, The medals are true. Medals should be used as marketing power. Keeping them in the ‘vitrines’ would be stupid.

    maybe five, its just beer.. not Whisky or some other things..

    certainly six, i dont drink alcohol(evryday). 😛

    Rock ON!!


  3. About the advert on TV, have you noticed that the audio about the medals could be mistaken? The first time I heard it I thought that he said that the medals were for his dog : mo li chien : in fact he is saying “moricien”… ah well, it was funny at the time.


  4. Yashvin t’a été plus rapide que moi sur ce coup. Je voulais parler de cette campagne depuis au moins une semaine mais grippe A oblige, je me suis dis je garde cela à plus tard. C’est un cas d’étude très intéressant.

    Moi meme dans le cadre de mon métier je me suis penché sur cette question pour d’autres boissons alcoolisées. Il y a plusieurs façons où on peut contourné un peu cette loi. Mais en terme de pub ton exemple est la meilleure mais très peu de marques et d’autres boissons pourront faire la même chose pour 2 raisons:

    – Premièrement cette campagne a été possible par ce que cette bière a gagné une médaille au niveau mondiale. Ils ont donc sauté sur une occasion qui ne se présentera qu’à tres peu de leur concurrent pour ne pas dire aucun.

    – Deuxièmement cette bière est un symbole national à Maurice, tout le monde associe son producteur à la marque et avant que la loi contre la pu soit effective ils ont fait une magnifique campagne nous pays nous la biere qui a marqué les esprits et cette nouvelle campagne reprend certains codes utilisés dans la précédente campagne. Voici le clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWV4OQ7IKA0


  5. @Yashvin Ce clip est une vraie oeuvre d’art… Mo vibrer kan mo guette ca lol… capave mo p gagne tremblement tellement mo p atane mo first beer of the week end… Lol


    1. @Ludovic : hey wi… un vrai produit 100% mauricien!

      en passant, zotte cpv laisse zotte comments lo seki zotte penser on the advert, because people from that advertising company (Circus) read this blog 😛
      Just got some nice compliments a few minutes ago lol! Thanks to all!


    2. @Ludovic : Ofet, j’ai oublié de te dire quelquechose…
      Un ptit conseil, si je peux me le permettre :
      Il ne faut pas toujours etre “collé” sur l’actualité du jour… car très souvent, les visiteurs cherchent quelque chose de nouveau, pas forcement les articles qu’ils ont lu à maintes reprises sur tous les blogs.

      Bonne nuit à tous!
      Vive nou la bière Ph*enix, hic!


  6. @Yashvin oui oui tu as raison mais c’est plus fort que moi, un reflexe c’ex-journaliste lol… Mais j’essaye de prendre des angles différents. Mais je suis d’accord avec toi


  7. Super bien ecrit cet article. I was surprised when i saw this the forst time. I like analysing creativity in ads i would say congrats to the whole team this is just too good. Nou pays nou medaille 🙂 we all know that nous pays nous la bierre. Keep it up 🙂


  8. Hi Yashvin,

    Really nice article and reflection you have made.
    There are some points,i’d like so share:
    1 The ad is fantastic,beautifully made….Congrats to the concept…
    Am sure it required loads of reserach,law,lawyers and hard work…
    2 There is a law in Mauritius:Nobody can do advertising for alcoholic drink…
    – Has this company gone against the law?
    -Who will take action, on what grounds coz at the end of the day,
    we are not foolish….DIRECT OR INDIRECT:Its advertising for beer, an
    alcoholic dirnk
    3 There is law is law and l’esprit de la loi….
    The law was introduced, coz want it or not, Mauritius is becoming ene lantonoire,
    partout passer tou p boire,sou,gagne peur pou marcher a soir,soular partou,
    dans school, universities boys and ESPECIALLY GIRLS and WOMEN p boire….
    Who would like to live in such societies….
    4 More importantly,the ad is being promoted by a well-known sport figure,
    ene fierte nationale, the athlete….
    5 Should I feel proud of the beer or the athlete who i think should be instead
    encouging teenagers to do sports and not feel proud of beer…

    All i can say to poeple reading this,those who designed the concept,
    :Its an ambiguous issue and the only thing that will differentiate
    all is:YOUR MORALE,ETHICS and values about this itchy topic….

    The debate is on…for ene mari claque ca……..


    1. @Arvi : Nice comment from your point of view.
      But, as far as the advert is concerned, it is NOT an advert for any alcoholic drinks.
      The whole concept lies in the interpretation of the advert,
      People might think what they wish, that’s up to them, isn’t it?


  9. according to me, its the best Mauritian advert ever created. From a commercial point of view, it associates the beer with the core culture of Mauritius. Which is indeed really good marketing.

    From a creative point of view, the usage of different aspects of Mauritian lifestyle and language and how the different elements fit together is really amazing.


    But from an ethical point of view (im sure most of u wont like this, but i like to see things from various angles) its sad how some brands so easily manipulate our minds to make us love em. And that is all the power of advertising. AND thats why i love it!! Coca cola turned a green Santa Clause RED!! Cmon thats genius! 😛


  10. First using an athlete to promote beer is total BS according to me. As for the law, am sure if another production house gad done it they would have been harassed by ‘Media watch’ or the government.

    In Mauritius, some people get more privilege than others even if they are breaking the law….


  11. @ReenaDKL Whats BullShit about Buckland doing an ad for Mauritius Brewries? He was only talking about the medals.

    Autually my first glimpse of that ad was on a BillBoard. And I said to myself. He is too old to win any more medals now, So they are thanking him for the medals he got in his career so far. Thanks You Stephane.

    1 beer a day keeps the doctor away. 😉


  12. @ Bhooks

    Lol! Or maybe that’s because of this thought that women prefer women to men (lesbians fr example…)



  13. Hi again,

    I’ll do it simple….
    Just imagine :
    1 u’re businessman, selling “A” good….
    2 I live in a country where i cannot do advertising to sell good A
    3 Now, intelligent as i am, i succeed to create an ad…
    -Astere dire moi zotte mem, ki imbecile compagnie ki p vende,
    good A, pou fer advertising dans vide….
    -who’ll spend so much money on advertising if not to promote your good…

    4 i agree it is so well done, the concept,the team…
    They took theme our Mauritius,our culture, beer-drinknig culture…
    Nice way pou contourne la loi.

    5 All this are mere marketing tools and they’re doing it well…

    Do think about all this…
    U turn 360 degree and you’ll get so many opinions….


    1. @Arvi :
      I quote :
      “U turn 360 degree and you’ll get so many opinions….”

      Euh, perhaps I am wrong, but wouldn’t I return to my initial position? *silly*


  14. I dont know about you but i can assure you that the vast majority of women are straight.

    Thinking of it… I’ll bring the beer and you bring the other women.


  15. Or maybe that’s because of this thought that women prefer women to men (lesbians fr example…)

    or a sign that no man give a shit about em and they try to hide behind the fact that they are lesbians :p.

    in mauritius i have seen so many cases of pseudo lesbianism.. where the only reasons to look lesbian were to hide behind it.


  16. @Selven

    Or maybe this is how men prefer to think for they cannot tolerate the thought of being replaced by a woman…Anyway, it’s not the topic here…so let it be.


  17. @Bhooks

    I was so happy to find some well known foreign beer. I took a few which i drank a couple of times out of Mauritius.
    Might sound like free advertising but it is true that the place had a nice setting and atmosphere. The salespersons were also friendly. The restaurant looked nice too.
    I paid ~ Rs 320 for 6 foreign beers. 1 (pint) of Foreign Guiness, 1 (pint) of Kilkenny, 2 Fosters, 2 St Louis Lambic.

    Don’t get me wrong i still think that “Our national beer” CANNOT be surpassed by any lager foreign beer IMHO but its good to have choice and a taste of something different.


    Your phrase “Claque à la loi” is an overkill. It is true that “The one who should not be advertised” found a way to cleverly pass a message to the public but then again they did not show any “brand name” nor any “golden liquid”. Now i must say i only saw the billboard.
    We need to know from a lawyer if their advert is illegal. As for “Stephen Buckland”, i don’t believe he should be ashamed or anything. “Responsible drinking” is still OK by most people’s standards


  18. @Bhooks: I can vouch for lambic.mu it is the beer place, try the Belgian special beers and you will probably forget the local ones!


  19. @ReenaDKL.

    1. You can enjoy a BEER all month.
    2. BEER stains wash out.
    3. You don’t have to wine and dine a BEER.
    4. Your BEER will always wait patiently for you in the car.
    5. When BEER goes flat you toss it out.
    6. BEER is never late.
    7. HANGOVERS go away.
    8. A BEER doesn’t get jealous when you grab another BEER.
    9. BEER labels come off without a fight.
    10. When you go to a bar, you know you can always pick up a BEER.
    11. BEER never has a headache.
    12. After you have a BEER, the bottle is still worth a dime.
    13. A BEER won’t get upset if you come home with BEER on your breath.
    14. If you pour a BEER right, you will always get good head.
    15. You can have more than one BEER a night and not feel guilty.
    16. A BEER ALWAYS goes down easy.
    17. You can share a BEER with your friends.
    18. You always know that you are the first one to pop a BEER.
    19. A BEER is always wet.
    20. BEER doesn’t demand equality.


  20. @ Bhooks

    No I don’t need a recap 🙂 Just wanted to say that…am addicted to Coca Cola…so in a way I do understand guys and their beer…


  21. Women and beer can both get bitter , but who would live in a world without women or beer .

    Lesbians are as straight as heteros . It’s the male gays who need to be sent to another planet . Fortunately ,most women are blind enough to find attractive .

    The law on alcohol is a stupid one . It should not be illegal for a guy feeling hot and dry to have an odd can of beer at any time . Alcoholic drinks should be taxed on their alcohol percentage .
    At , say ,Rs4 per degree per liter ,a bottle of rum would sell at Rs200 ,which would deter most soular . [ My monthly beer budget would increase by less than Rs50! Good ! ]

    [Smoking should be banned completely . For those who won’t comply , try what a lot of Mauritian think is THE cure for most crimes :
    Met-La-Lwa-Pendi ]

    Dapre la lwa aktyel si kikenn fini bat so rom li anvi fim enn sigaret , pou li respece la lwa bizin li mont lor dal !

    WARNING : Sa pli danzere ki sigaret for your health !


  22. bizin aret okip pc ek tv an mem tan !
    pli laho lir :
    Fortunately , most women are blind enough to find men attractive .


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