How to avoid H1N1 at work.

avoid flu

I could not resist 😛

Thanks to Jaya for the mail!

22 thoughts on “How to avoid H1N1 at work.

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  1. LOL!!! Yeah I saw that one yesterday..guess the guy is not totally wrong!! Lol!

    Funny thing is that though we all know there are 6 dead cases, and one from the UOM, our dear dear PM last night in his interview mentioned only 5 dead cases and no mention of the UOM guy….

    He is taking examples of Mexico, India etc….ayo papa!!! Nu moris ici!!! Pas XYZ country…can’t he think on his own and not play with our lives???

    Least of things, use masks when you travel by bus, go to Supermarkets, UOM, College or Schools.

    At least if the government does not give a damn about us, we should take our own lives in our hands. Maybe it’s real time the PM and his useless Ministers are thrown out ‘a coup de savette Dodo!’


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