Price of Petrol (August 2009)

Perhaps you have already read it somewhere else, here are the latest prices for the month of August :

DIESEL : Rs38.30/L -> Rs35.45/L ( – Rs 2.85 )

ESSENCE : Rs 45.45/L -> Rs42.05/L (Rs3.40 )

Ouf…. imper soulagement pu poche…

Awaiting to hear that director of the STC to appraise himself and his team for the excellent job they have been doing and thus succeeding to bring down the price when petrol is being sold at higher prices around the world *cough* *cough*

The future?

I really think that it’s high time for us to start using these type of vehicles :

new vehicle

I have forgotten the name, but it starts with “S” I think. Can someone help please?

Its a Segway!

No Accidents, No Fuels, No Traffic jams… Only bigger belly for all of us 😛

10 thoughts on “Price of Petrol (August 2009)

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  1. Full name of the vehicle = Segway personal transporter. Somehow I cannot see myself going down the autoroute to PL in that vehicle. What is the reason for the decrease in prices? Is it just the STC getting pressured by the consumer?


    1. I rightly guessed last night, the Director of STC said it!

      I heard on radio that they have done a successful job, knew how to handle the situation and above all, they paid their hedging errors.

      MEGALOL! TVR ! MDR !


  2. For how long? Lol!

    This is just to fool some people who will think that yes, the government is so kind to think abt us….

    What abt when the whole world was paying it very low and we were stuck with the high price due to their stupidity?

    Lol! Am just asking myself how far can people be so ignorant and allow themselves to be fooled…pff!!!


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