Discover my first…

Indeed, today mum came across my first leisure accessories while cleaning my cupboard.

My Aiwa walkman…

first walkman

What would I have done without you? You have made my life so enjoyable during long journey from to-fro college (Triolet-Curepipe) for years!

My MSI MP3 Player

first mp3 player

I still remember, we bought it at about Rs3500 in 2003-2004. I used it for a few years during university days and above all, as a pen drive. The MSI MEGASTICK could hold quite a deal of stuff… in 128MB 😛

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My first mobiles.

first mobile

Here are the mobiles (well, at least what remains of them :P).

My Vivitar Camera.

Shot hundreds and hundreds of pictures with it during my university life! I carried it everyday in my bag and was ready to shoot at any moment!

Our university class blog ( has loads of pictures thanks to this camera.

My first blog

first blog

Yeah, I am sure that many of you would like to know my first blogging inspirations.  As mentioned above, I maintained a blog for our university group for 3 years! You can read the articles written after the first months at university till our graduation!

Check it out now!

These are the few things I wanted to share with you today… Have a nice sunday!

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  1. Ahh first things 🙂 the memories..quite nostalgic
    I still have my first mobile, somewhere,,,,refused to give it away when i got me second 😀


  2. I had a chuckle at the mention “old tech” cos nothing like that in my days. Oh yes, I remember the transistor replaced the electronic valves so we had the portable transistor radio. No chips, so all the equipment was still bulky and no mobiles except for large VHF/UHF packs. Anyone remember the first IBM PC XT ? Two floppy diskettes and a green monitor. Yep that’s where I come from, the transition in the electronic revolution. You had good gear:)


    1. 1) first blog post

      First blog posts on skyblog
      Blog posts on the first day this blog (which was formerly )

      2) first gf
      Not a good idea to talk about this.

      3) first pc : I need to look for the picture, but it was a P3 500 Mhz. I have a very good souvenir of it, the hard disk took fire on the last day for submission for the web d’or competition. At 2300hrs, just at the moment I was going to click on “Submit Web Site”!
      Bad fate 😛

      Going to sleep, good night.


  3. My father had exactly the same motorola phone and it is still in good condition.
    My 1st phone (which i’m still using actually) is a Nokia E71… But I guess its going to be rubish in abt half a decade… or less! 😦


  4. nice post yashvin
    how about these?

    1. my first plan cascade
    2. my first drink
    3. first time i bunked classes
    4. my first plan camper
    5. my first black out (due to alcohol)

    the list can go on 😛


  5. Reading your post and good souvenir melted my poor heart oh am sure u are a good boy gold heart lol
    or in a simple words ene bon beta u give me idea am 58 nearly half way to 59 and retired sick but outwardly am normal the envelop is perfect
    so come back to you guy am happy to be a follower of your blog as u can see i am a blogger old fashion may be but mixed with goodies oldies and newies lol
    have so many blog on line
    will be happy to have your thoughts on my many blogs yea


  6. @Doorgesh : Thanks, now my replies 😛

    1. my first plan cascade (hmmm 1st year at UOM)
    2. my first drink – approx same time, since pu boire bisin al cascade 😛
    3. first time i bunked classes – haha, ene tas fois, faire zotte signe dans mo place 😛
    4. my first plan camper : Flic en Flac, with u.
    5. my first black out (due to alcohol) : Ena 1 mo mari rapel, kant ti sorti discotek saxo :S

    @Papijoon : Thanks very much for reading my blog.
    I will soon contact you.


  7. Lol! Guess we all remember our first….

    I guess girls remember more about first crush, first bf, first date, first kiss etc…

    I still have my first mobile too! It was a Siemens A35…lol! Used it for 4 yrs until the touches came out..still glued it with bluetack and continued using it..did not want to let go of many souvenirs attached to it! Lol!


  8. @Reena DKL :

    We guys also remember these things:

    first crush, first gf, first date, first kiss, first 3some, first gang bang, first time with twins… etc etc


  9. @ Reena DKL

    Ive never done it with a guy… so there’s no first time for that yet… but there was one time i was with a guy, however there were 2 girls also there… does it count ?


  10. @ Doorgesh

    Lol! I was joking Man! Anyway…if you were with the guy and the girls by themselves then yes it counts 😛 Guess we are going a bit out of subject here and before Yashvin reminds us to behave let’s stop it here…

    C ya Doorgesh!


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