Transformer 2 Avant Première ticket

A picture is worth a thousand words…

Cinema ticket

Oh, I need to mention this : Free Drinks and Pop Corn, along with Dhaneesha and other colleagues (who also won these tickets today) 😛

Post dedicated to carrotmadman6 😛

20 thoughts on “Transformer 2 Avant Première ticket

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    1. @Vincent : Gr8! Will bring my cam too 🙂

      @Sebastien : hehe *angel*

      @Carrot : hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      @Morinn : Indeed! Lucky and quick to reply those questions sent by the HR through mail. 😛


  1. Uh…nobody noticed that the Film is actually called Transformers 2? They’ve written “Transformer 2” on the ticket.

    This is Mauritius…:P


  2. yeah movie sux but who careZ :p

    free pop corn free tickets and its funny x 10² 😛

    Its supposed to be call’d revenge of the si pa koi i think 😛

    a’way megan fox rides a nice bike in that movie :p thats my personal movie’s climax :p


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