New facebook emoticons!


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A few minutes ago, a friend just sent me a few emoticons… on facebook!

Yeah! he found them by luck!

Here is the quick list!

😛 😮 🙂 😦 😀 :v :/ :* 😉 :3 >:o 8) 8-| (^^^) O.o -_- 3:) O:) ❤ :|] :putnam: 😥 ^_^

Enjoy facebook!

btw, I hate using facebook chat! Its so much easier to use msn, skype or gtalk!

How do you find facebook chat and the set of emoticons?

Will they be able to convince us to use this chat instead of msn?

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26 thoughts on “New facebook emoticons!

Add yours

  1. I think they were there since a long time.. i often use the 😛

    I dont know about the others. 🙂

    Its good though…! follow the G guys.. 😉


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