Price of Petrol (July 2009)

Lets be quick koz am burning with fever!!!


what the f*!
and the tank light is blinking in the car!!!

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  1. WTF STC..Freaking bollocks they are!!!F*cking twats!!!Rs45???OMG…The Local government is freaking noobs..This is what happens when you put your moronic people at the head of organisations..People without the necessary competence!!!!WTF…comment dire bsn rode charette aster!!!


  2. WTF O-o epuis koi enkor..on doit s’attendre a tout avec la stc…fek tender dan france 24 ki sa ban prix la p baisser e guet ici !!


  3. Hi,

    I don’t know if I wasn’t watching the news, but some time ago price of petrol was Rs 22/L and that of diesel at Rs 19/L. I don’t know if that was some 10 years ago(because time passes so quickly these days, as well as an ever-increasing rate of increase of prices).

    But just for stats, the price of these things has more or less doubled in just a decade!

    What I can say is just that we’re right into hell.


  4. when Petroleum was hitting a world record of about $147 per barrel last year, in Mauritius, petrol was something near Rs 45 per liter
    (even the price of Dholl Puri has risen!!!)

    today, the price is about $40 per barrel, which is a drop in price of 72.8%, which logically and mathematically should bring our petrol price to about Rs 12.25 !!!!!

    but guess what??? our beloved government just rose it to Rs 45 today!!!

    duhhh :S 😦

    Hail Mauritius!


  5. This increase will mean that many other local products will go up in price. I wonder about this price strategy when you know that petrol costs have slumped overall on the global market. Just another way for the government to get tax revenue.


  6. btw, I heard on radio that we (the customers) are paying RS3 because of the hedging problem.
    And those persons who made the error at STC are still managing that organisation.

    I ask myself : “Zotte conscience pas manze zotte la vie?”


  7. I find it ironic that people would rather leave comments on your blog…rather than on those dumb and badly designed mauritian newspaper websites….keep up the good job yashvin….and of course F.. those STC morons…hope they rot in hell…


  8. The government is not at fault πŸ˜› the government has dissociated itself from the fiasco of the STC πŸ™‚
    The mauritians won’t do anything πŸ™‚ we are sooo happy that the light on the dashboard is blinking empty !! lolzzz
    Admirable people in mauritius πŸ™‚ Truly we are the most civilised and comprehensible people around the world πŸ™‚
    Even our neighbours from reunion have manifested against the high cost of living ! .. but here .. hihihi .. we cut down on our personal needs.. Who wouldn’t love to live in such a civilized society πŸ™‚
    We have our hearts on our hands:)
    This is Mauritius.


  9. What the f*ck!!!
    I guess that as the Minister of Feraille said that we, Mauritians, have to pay for the gross mismanagement n wrong decisions as Noobs taken by the management (si kav appel sa management mem ou soit bane ti toutou Govt -> ti-copain ministre).

    In Manilla, Phillipines, Fuel is around 16Rs MU and here we are paying RS45. It really soooock!!! Soory to be soooo rude …

    All the scandals (Financial) in our public sectors:

    1. STC – Hedging ~ RS3+ Billion deficit
    2. Air Mauritius ~ RS7+ Billion deficit (around Rs10million/day deficit)
    3. CNT
    4. MBC
    5. CWA
    6. CEB

    Bizin check Defi Plus pou konne encore … lol

    Insecurité dans pays –
    Attaque a moto sur des jeunes + femmes
    Attaque dans la banque, Casinos, ATM, sellers dans zot vans,
    Attaque sur les touristes
    Cambriolages maisons, voitures

    It would need a wikipedia whole website to define the problems in Mauritius … :@

    I will end to say :

    Mauritians are been fooled by those people who is managing this country!!!
    Rs1 million/police a new motorcycle (around 11 was bought I think) for VIPs protection!!! max vitesse : 342KM/Hr !!!!! RS11 million!!!

    I wont say nothing more …

    Vivre Ile Maurice Durable (avec les nouvo Insinerateurs poluants)

    1 chance Michael Jackson pane vine Maurice avant sinon li pou deceder depi longtemps kan li pou tasser dan traffic Port Louis …



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