J-10 : Everyone’s invited!

It has been announced yesterday on facebook.


The second bloggers’ event is scheduled for the 11th July 2009 and will be held on the public beach of Flic en Flac.

Why there?

Most of those who responded on the suggestions post(here) and on Morinn’s blog were excited about some event with activities and the beach seemed to be the most convenient place. No Booking, No Costs, No Problems.

Who can come?


This is an opportunity to learn more about us bloggers and at the same time, bloggers can meet their readers!

We encourage you to bring your friends, brothers, sisters, uncle, aunty (chachi, chacha, dadi, and dada) 😛

It would really help us if you confirm your participation on this facebook event. This will allow us to have an estimate of the number of attendees.

How to get there?

We believe that Flic en Flac is easily accessible for most of us. Of course, it will be difficult to please everyone but since the last time we were at Port Louis, we decided to move to the western coast. 15-30mins from Quatres Bornes, about 30-45Mins from Port Louis (by car of course).

We will try to organise transport facilities by picking up some bloggers on our way. We politely ask our blogger friends to let us know if you can help us in this job.

What will we do there?

As most of you suggested, we will have fun games on the beach, probably with prizes. Yes, we are currently looking for sponsors who can offer gifts to the winners and this will be communicated to you later on. Lets talk a bit about the games… Treasure Hunt, Beach Volley, Tug of war, beach soccer among others.

We will keep all of you updated in the different blog posts that will keep coming in the next days.

So friends, book your next saturday (11th July 2009) for the “Bloggers under the sea!”

We can do it again!

Get ready, take off your clothes and put your swimming suits 😛 (ok, am joking lol)

9 thoughts on “J-10 : Everyone’s invited!

Add yours

  1. We can do it again! 😛 I am totally excited for the next event. The sun, sand and sea! Hihi

    And as Yashvin said, whoever has free spaces in their vehicles, do let us know. It would be great if everyone had a ride.


  2. @Morinn–>The good format is: The sun, sea, sand and sex..xD
    Just joking of course…Anyway, it will be fun…

    P:S yashvin–>pa blier ti canard..


  3. i dont official blog, mai sa kantiter commentS which i have on ur blog should automatically include me in the list of invites non?

    u thinks same as me rite?


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