PROMO : One year hosting for only $9.24!


Dreamhost is offering one year full hosting package at only $9.24 for the first year!

Key features :

  • Unlimited storage, bandwidth, domains
  • 1 Free domain registration
  • MySQL, PHP Support
  • and so much more….

This is an exceptional offer, and as a customer of Dreamhost since a few months now, I am very satisfied with their service.

I have been with a few hosting companies since years now, and I can tell you, DreamHost is the best (till now).

Don’t read reviews on internet, they are sometimes biased!

I went to a “no 1” ranked hosting company, but they s**k!

Yashvin, pages of my life

You want an ultra cheap first year web hosting? Sign up now!

btw, is hosted on Dreamhost and was purchased on a $10 promo during St Valentine’s Day!

Be quick!

And what about your hosting?

Are you satisfied?

14 thoughts on “PROMO : One year hosting for only $9.24!

Add yours

  1. @Yudz : Yeah, I know.
    But as I mentioned, I have been to the no1 ranked hosting, and everyday I had issues with them, for $5?
    I prefer paying more, and have my blog running all day long.

    Anyway, Check out the price if you take for example 2years, then gonna be
    1st year : $10
    2nd year : $120
    Total for 2 yrs : $130
    Average for 1 yr : $75
    Average for 1 month : $6.25!!!!

    Isnt it nice???

    @Sun : Don’t know exactly since it is still valid.
    Even when I took it month ago, the date was extended continuously.

    @Yadhav : Too bad, limited plugins and themes… without forgetting a customized domain name πŸ™‚

    @Carrot : Google Rulz!
    I wonder why Google hasn’t any hosting offer yet 😦
    I guess Google want you to use only blogspot, its personalized pages, picasa, youtube, but no ‘hosting’.


  2. I have 7 websites hosted on DreamHost now. πŸ˜€ They seem to have those $10 offers quite often.

    I have had some problems though:
    -They took 2 weeks to process my request. I had to contact their support and then my account was activated
    -My site has gone down 7 times: 3 times some guy was hosting a file sharing site on the same server as me. The other times were various problems I don’t remember
    -I can’t edit my php installation (or something like that) (I don’t know much about php btw). I need to increase the max upload size for my websites(the limit is 7mb). According to what I read, I need to change a value in a file called php.ini(whatever that is). However I can’t do this as I’m on a shared server and only the administrator has the rights to edit this file. (It realy sucks as I have 2 scripts on my website, Chevereto and AjaXplorer, in which I need more than a 7mb upload limit)
    -Speed when uploading by SFTP is sloooooow 😦
    (I should mention that DreamHost support has been very helpful and friendly when I contacted them)

    There are some things that I really like though:
    -One-click installs(I can install WordPress, Drupal and many others with a single click, even the MySQL tables are created)
    -Friendly and helpful support(as I mentioned above)
    -Intuitive and easy to use interface for management(the dreamhost panel)
    -Auto configure domains with Google Apps for Your Domain

    I think it’s really worth it for $10 πŸ™‚


    1. @sjdvda :
      On the day after I purchased my account, their panel was down for nearly half day.
      It was very discouraging, but later on discovering their status blog I found out that the team kept all the users updated about each of their crash on their servers, and also, any maintenance plans.

      After this incident, I never faced ANY other problem with them.

      As for your php ini file, as far as I know, you cannot change it since you are on a shared server.
      However, for normal users, there is no need to change the values there.
      But as you said, there is a limit on the upload capacity, and I guess these values are set for everyone as a FUP LOL!!!

      Slow ftp speed? I never experienced that.

      Their support is very friendly indeed!!!
      Its unfortunate that they don’t have a live chat support system 😦

      Its really worth the price, even if I have to pay more next year.
      But as I commented before, even by paying more, the price will remain around 6-7$ per month…

      Hip Hip Hip Hurrayyy for Dreamhost!


  3. Yashvin:

    pissar!!! mo ti bizin attane, mo p paye $7.95/month kot

    Eski dreamhost ena cPanel? To servi dreamhost toi?


  4. Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to know if is a reliable hosting company? Anyone had experience with them?



    1. @Zorro : I haven’t any experience with that mauritian company and I haven’t come across anyone using it either. Sorry for not being able to advise you.


  5. I got the best deal at a reputed hosting company $3.99 per months πŸ˜€ with 2 dedicated IP (and oh unlimited space, domain the usual stuff)

    Actually I then took the Unlimited Pro plan for 2 years that gives 3 domains and 15 fixed IP’s along with a friend. is hosted on Bluehost however. Been with them for over 3 years already. I have friends hosting at IX Web for 4 years.


  6. Just checked I think it’s not hosted in Mauritius. IP is which is in Michigan, USA!

    I know only about ISP’s that do web hosting here. If you know anyone else who does, drop me an email. I’m looking for local hosting for two projects currently.


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